Happy Holidays!

District Director D86 Vitaliy Fursov

District Director, District 86 - Vitaliy Fursov, DTM

With the holidays upon us and 2016 drawing to a close, it’s a great time to look back at this remarkable year, full of fun and great achievements. I’m immensely proud of the work that you, your fellow members, club leaders and district leaders are doing. During the Fall 2016 Conference “Communication Matters” at Niagara Falls, we’ve celebrated 25 new DTMs, 11 new clubs, and outstanding Of The Year Awards. 
District 86 is currently ranked # 1 in Region 6 for club growth. During this busy holiday season, Toastmasters are gathering together again for Club Officer Training, and they’re doing this with high energy and enthusiasm.
This year several clubs celebrated their round anniversaries. 

10th: Speakers of the Hill, Speak To Inspire Toastmasters, Unscripted Expressions Club, Speak, Spark, and Spirit Club, Candu Toastmasters, Creekside TD Toastmasters, Lakeview Toastmasters Club, Bolton Banter Toastmasters Club, London City Hall, and Saugeen Toastmasters;

40th: Trillium Toastmasters Club;

Congratulations to all! 
While you celebrate your achievements, look around, and praise those who helped you to get here. What do you plan to achieve in 2017? How can Toastmasters  help you get there? Also, it’s time for you to help others. Who needs your help? What can you offer? It could be your friend who is seeking your encouragement to come and visit your club’s next meeting. It could be your turn to serve your club on the executive committee. It could be time to start a new club. Whatever the call is, take the opportunity, and do your best. 
Enjoy this time with your fellow club members, friends and loved ones. I could not be more excited about what the next year will bring to all of us, and for the opportunity to work with you to make it happen.

Vitaliy Fursov, DTM
Lead with ❤

Results Of The First Quarter

District Director, District 86 - Vitaliy Fursov, DTM

Fellow Toastmasters of District 86! Welcome to the second quarter of the Toastmasters year! Congratulations to all on the successful completion of the first one!  

I am happy to report that the vast majority of our clubs reported the membership renewals on time. That is 209 clubs, and the number will grow as soon as TI's renewals team verifies payments for clubs paid by cheques. We are standing #1 in the region for membership payments. Well done, District 86! Big thanks to all leaders who dedicated their time and provided services to members just as expected and to all members, who are working hard and who are taking their membership in Toastmasters seriously. Keep it this way!

One hundred and fifty six of our clubs have 20+ paid members at this point. That is awesome! It is 65% of the total number of the clubs. THANK YOU!

Thirteen clubs managed to add 5 or more members from July 1st. We are certainly on the right track with membership growth. Within the last 3 months, 5 prospective clubs have successfully met the charter requirements and have submitted the paperwork to Toastmasters International to get their charters! This is absolutely amazing!

The club leaders, area directors, division directors, the Club Growth Team and the Club Growth Director, Glynis D'souza, are working extremely hard to ensure that we stay on target and help as many people as possible to discover the Toastmasters program, help all clubs achieve their membership growth goals, and as a result, become a distinguished district. THANK YOU ALL!

Just during these past three months, 181 members from 111 clubs have received 232 educational awards. Ten of them have earned three or more educational awards, becoming what we know as Triple Crown achievers. Eight earned DTMs! Isn't that amazing?! Congratulations to all!

The Program Quality Team and the Program Quality Director, Cathy Herschell, are working hard to provide support to every member who is actively working on achieving their educational goals.

Our Fall Conference Chair, Anne Dockeray, and all the members of her amazing team are working extremely hard to give us all an outstanding quality conference at Niagara Falls on November 25-27. Have you registered for it? If not yet, please register now! You can't afford missing that matchless festival of fun and education. Come to meet with your fellow members from all parts of our large district. Learn from the best. Bring all the knowledge you learn, and the energy your earn, back to your clubs and share it with your fellow members. Become a better version of your true self in the course of one weekend. It is totally worth it!


While these are all amazing results, this is just the beginning. It was only the first quarter of the year. What are you planning to achieve at the end of this year? Share your goals with your fellow club members and with your mentors. Build your support team to ensure your success. Support others and help them achieve what they want to achieve. Mentor new members of your club, mentor those who need your support. Serve your members the way you would like to be served. Treat your fellow members and guests the way you would like to be treated. Apply your new skills to help in your community. Lead with Love! Share your success stories with us. Send a blog article.  Lets all work as a team! Let us all celebrate YOUR success! Lets all enjoy this felicitous year!

Lead with ❤


Happy New 2016-2017 Toastmasters Year!

Fellow Toastmasters and Leaders,

It is a very special day today. On July 1st we proudly celebrate Canada Day and we also look forward to our New Toastmasters Year!

Congratulations to all leaders who served members in 2015-2016! Well done! Thank you for your great service. Special thanks to our District 86 Immediate Past District Director, Janice McDonald. It was an amazing year of positive influence, teamwork, support and encouragement. This past year we've seen the true spirit of District 86 in action.

Serving in Toastmasters is such a wonderful learning opportunity. It is my honour and pleasure to serve District 86 members as District Director in 2016-2017. My vision for this year is to help you achieve your goals and to keep our District focused on its mission, which is to build new clubs and to assist all clubs in achieving excellence.

What is your goal for this year? Is it to become Competent Communicator or Competent Leader, or to reach out to the next advanced level, or to complete Distinguished Toastmaster qualifications, and receive your DTM medallion at the next conference? Whatever your goal is, I wish you best success in achieving it.

Please remember, that the real learning opportunities in the Toastmasters Program take place when you help other members to achieve their goals. There are many opportunities to get involved and become leaders. Our 2016-2017 District Team is looking forward to enhancing your Toastmasters experience this coming year. Consider becoming a sponsor or a mentor for a new club. Consider club coaching opportunities. What about presenting your workshop at the next conference or joining the conference committee?

D86 Team 2016 2017 255x701

Whatever goal you set for yourself this year, whatever leadership role you pick, apply your best, do it with love, and the success will follow.

Best Regards,

Vitaliy Fursov, DTM
Lead with ❤

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