A ceremony to honour Jocelyne Vezina, the 2017 toastmaster’s winner was held at Mississauga Central Library on December 18th. The celebration was hosted on behalf of two sister clubs: Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters (CST) Club and Lambs to Lions (L to L) Club. Being awarded the Toastmaster of the year award is the highest honour in the district. It signifies that the Toastmaster dedicated their service to the district and toastmaster’s community to assist others in achieving their goals in communications and leadership. Jocelyne certainly fits this description. Not only is she a member of 3 Toastmaster clubs in Mississauga, but she has mentored a long list of new clubs to their success, each coming with a 6 month to a year commitment. She is currently a club coach for a French speaking club in Mississauga, helping this club to gain it's strength and success. On top of this, Joecelyne is our Pathways Ambassador helping the district to successfully educate, train guides and ambassadors and launch the new Pathways program through the district. Joecelyne has really touched and impacted many Toastmaster Members lives.

Kyla Werrett, DTM, member of CST and 2017-2018 Division D Director, opened the party for Jocelyne. She mentioned that it was an honour to nominate Jocelyne for this award and that she enlisted in the help of 5 other toastmaster members within the community in this nomination. She added that in addition to the nomination, there is a point system and the opportunity to ask people to write a letter about this individual. “The letters that came back for Jocelyne, were unbelievable”. Letters came from clubs that Jocelyne mentored, Pathway's Guides she led and others that Jocelyne's contributions impacted.

Kyla’s speech was followed by Aanchal Kamra, L to L President, Iona Rodricks, DTM, L to L SAA and Paul Dubal, CST President indicating Jocelyne as a dedicated member of both clubs. Then Paul asked Jocelyne to say a few words for both club members.

Jocelyne mentioned “I didn’t do these for the award, I think I’m getting more out of it.” At the end, she showed her gratitude for both clubs by saying “you two clubs, Lambs to Lions that I was the first president and the founding member and comfortably speaking that was the first club I have ever joined, have a very special place in my heart and I am so glad that you are still here.”
The ceremony was proceeded with Paul giving Jocelyne a card on behalf of the two clubs followed by a group photo and potluck.

Hamedeh Razavi
CST, VP Public Relations

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