President’s Distinguished - Already?

Confidently SpeakingThe Toastmasters Distinguished Club Program is a great barometer to measure if your club is focusing on the right things to ensure a healthy club. It includes 'easy' points for administrative tasks like registering your club officers and getting them trained; and then a series of points for member achievement and new members. It clearly recognizes that without a focus on the members no club can enjoy lasting success.

Club officer training ensures that each officer understands their role - and how they can help the club be successful. The points for membership recognize that there is always attrition in the membership and that success is fleeting if you do not regularly sign up new members. The points for educational awards recognize when members are meeting their goals and enriching their lives. After all - members are only going to stay with the club if they are meeting the life goals they signed up to achieve!

I am very pleased to share that Confidently Speaking Toastmasters has just achieved the 9 points required to become President’s Distinguished for the 2018-2019 Toastmasters year!
Our Area Director, Iona Rodricks asked me to share how we were able to achieve this milestone so quickly. We are happy to share and hope that these thoughts help every club in District 86 to set their sights on President’s Distinguished this year!

Here are some key points that worked for us:

  • Club officers who want to do a great job and help the members succeed
  • Challenging ourselves in our club success plan. Like most clubs, our plan was written at the beginning of the year. As part of our plan we deliberately challenged ourselves to be President's Distinguished by December (and did it by October)!
  • Challenging every member to set goals. A member without a goal is someone that has not found their focus and direction. Members without goals are far more likely to leave the club - because they chose not to challenge themselves. Many who do not set goals will not get the full value out of Toastmasters and will leave.
  • Empowering members to step up for leadership roles even when fairly new, we give room to failing and learning as that is what develops a sense of collective ownership.
  • Setting a theme for the year. Our theme for the year is "Find your Greatness" based on the inspiration of Roger Caesar. We hope that every member takes that concept to heart!
  • Knowing our club’s identity and using that to attract new members. Confidently Speaking has used the slogan "A Culture of Fun and Excellence" on an ongoing basis to preserve and grow the fun supportive atmosphere that we have had for many years. We recognize someone every week for helping to preserve that culture. Guests seem to love the atmosphere and many want to sign up after their first meeting.
  • Recognizing member achievement (yes - I know that's obvious)
  • Committing to pathways. As several have said Pathways is the future of Toastmasters. The clubs that ask members to commit to pathways now are the clubs that will have ongoing success

We are off to a great start -- with lots of energy, new members and many existing members who have set their goals and want our help to achieve those goals.

We are looking forward and hoping that every member will set some kind of goal this year and that Confidently Speaking will help them to find their greatness!

Thanks to our club executive Maher Gamal, Naresh Gurpersaud, Ashok Mistry, Sylvette Mahoney, Amruta Joshi, Aravind Iyengar, Olga Paddubotskaya, Urmil Wadhwa, Tara Sani, Kevin Webb and Hamza Ahmad for all your dedication in reaching our goals so far! And thank you to Iona Rodricks for all your support!

Brian Patton
President - Confidently Speaking Toastmasters

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