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Muktha Tumkur, ACG, ALB delivered a workshop on the Art of Effective Evaluations on December 1. There was a terrific turnout of 25 Toastmasters all eager to elevate their speech evaluation skills many levels up. Many thanks have to be given to Mississauga Sales and Marketing Toastmasters Club # 4353901, for providing the venue at no charge.

Although this workshop is part of a series of prepared presentations, Muktha added life and depth to the material by adding her perspective, making it interesting. From the beginning she made it very clear that this workshop is for speakers and evaluators and how we as individuals as speakers have a lot of power to control the quality of our clubs.

Two test speakers were in attendance to deliver speeches from which the workshop activities were based. The evening included a lot of “hands on” exercises where we had the ability to complete evaluations in real time. There were “ah-ha” moments for many of us when we completed the survey on how effectively our own clubs handle evaluations.

The workshop stressed that the relationship between the speaker and the evaluator begins days before the speech is delivered, not just minutes before. When the speaker contacts their evaluator in advance, the speaker can identify if their evaluator is even attending the meeting. This gives time for course correction and improves the quality of the meetings.

The role of the evaluating the evaluators was also stressed and how this individual is key to further elevate any speech evaluations, but most importantly, to draw attention for needed improvement on any of the evaluations. At the end, Muktha challenged us as speakers and evaluators to use the tools from the evening’s workshop to help elevate the quality of our speech evaluations. We need to ensure that each speaker is left uplifted! After all, if we don’t leave speakers eager to present again, we have not done our jobs.

George How Pak Hing, P.Eng., ACS, ALS

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