Be a Club Coach

Being a Club Coach is very rewarding. Not only do you get to help fellow members, but you develop skills such as Listening skills. Critical Thinking skills, Analytical skills, Time Management skills, to name a few, that will serve you in your work and family environments.

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As our Club Extension Chair, Distinguished Toastmaster Diane Gordon said:

Club Coaches who serve in that position can be proud of the role that they play in the success of Toastmasters Clubs.”

What are the responsibilities of a Club Coach?

-          Establish a trusting relationship with the members

-          Attend Club meetings as often as possible

-          Conduct Moments of Truth

-          Work with Club Officers to develop a “recovery” plan

-          Work to establish ongoing, continuous membership building campaigns

-          Help to make meetings fun. interesting and full of energy

-          Help create a guest kit

The goal is to establish a sustainable plan that will bring the club back to a healthy level of membership. The word is SUSTAINABLE. The coach should make sure the plan will be effective long after he/she is gone. Too many times do we see a club getting back to charter strength one year and back below 12 members the following year.

To help the coach in making sure the plan is sustainable, our Club Retention Chair, Distinguished Toastmaster Brian Brennan developed a “Proposed Club Coach Recovery Plan”. You can ask your Area Director for a copy or you can find it on District 86 website under the “How To?” tab.

If you want to be a Club Coach, please send your request to:

Let’s help those clubs who are facing challenges to be successful. Become a Coach!

Click here to download Proposed Club coach recovery plan.



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