Introducing The Speakers Bureau Team:

We have Roger Caesar as Chair, Jennifer Jones McConnell as the Speakers Bureau Coordinator and Hilgay Beckles as the Engagement Coordinator.

We're absolutely thrilled to be a part of District 86 Speakers Bureau. The Speakers Bureau provides an opportunity for Toastmasters wanting to hone their skills and speak outside of Toastmasters. We are working together with the District Leaders to provide you, the members, with an avenue to speak within the Community, Provincially and Internationally. We are looking for dynamic speakers who have achieved their ACB or higher, or equivalent designation in Pathways. For those who would like to apply to be a speaker with the Bureau please email

If you know anyone who requires a Speaker for events, conferences, workshops, seminars, Keynote speaker etc, If you do please direct them to the Speakers Bureau and we will happily work with them to pair them with an appropriate speaker for their event.
Please email

Does the Speakers Bureau sound like something you would like to be involved in?
Please contact us if your interested in helping and being part of the team.

Speakers Bureau Team3

D86 Speakers Bureau Team: Roger, Jennifer and Hilgay 

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