All I Want for Christmas is to go to the Conference by Tuula Redditt DTM

Conference2When asked by my husband Paul (a non-toastmaster) what I wanted for Christmas I went through my list of regular items like Tweety Bird Pajamas and Body Shop Body Butter. Instead I asked what he thought of registering me for Option 1 at the Spring Toastmasters Conference. I would really like to go. Finances were a little tight this year and I said that's all I want for both my birthday and Christmas which are only a few days apart. He agreed since it was still early bird pricing. I was elated! 

We often think the cost of going to the conference something we can all afford but for many of us like myself its not so easy. Being part of the Conference Committee and helping out with the visual graphics like the program, logos and websites has always been a passion of mine. I work from our home business Sky Studio and give of my time generously towards Toastmasters and so do all our leaders. I am greatful to be part of such an amazing team. My journey as a toastmaster and an artist has given me so many opportunities to explore my creative skills. Thank you all for giving me those opportunities. 

If you are thinking of ideas to get your spouse or other half consider the gift of Toastmasters?

Register today  before Dec 31st for your early bird special!

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