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We joined Toastmasters primarily to become more effective communicators and stronger leaders, in every area of our lives. But why confine ourselves to just the home Club environment and experience? I was humbled and thrilled to go beyond the Club environment and experience, when I was called upon to be the Chief Judge at Toastmasters District 60, Division G, Area 63 International and Evaluation Speech Contests. The Area 63 Contests were held at the Etobicoke Civic Centre, February 12, 2020, with Area 63 Director Nancy McInnis, ACS, CL as Contest Organiser, and Mashaal Effendi, EC4 as Contest Chairs (part of his HPL Project), under the leadership of Division G Director Angela Ho, DTM.
People often say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The collage captures the spirit and essence of the contests. The Organisers and Speaking from Experience Advanced Toastmasters # 1818485, the hosting Club did an amazing job of running a cool and flawless event, with support from Volunteers from numerous Clubs in both District 60 and District 86 - with lots of fun, camaraderie and inspirational speeches.
Congratulations to all the District 60 Area 63 Contestants! Congratulations to the Area 63 Winners moving forward to the next Division G level contests. There were a number of familiar faces, including the District 86 Leadership Team. The contests introduced those from District 86 to “new” Speakers, Speaker Champions and a World Class Speaking Coach. The contests provided a unique opportunity to connect and network, across boundaries, with fellow Toastmasters and District Leaders from District 60. All in all, it was a most rewarding experience. A synergistic win for Toastmasters and the Community!
For additional information, please refer to:

George How Pak Hing, PEng, DTM
OTM Oakville Toastmasters # 5940499, Club Founder
Area Director of the Year, 2016-2017
February 15, 2020

HOIST - Happy Oakville Interclub Summit for Toastmasters


Ever since we lost our Fall Conference, there has been a very noticeable void in the District's social calendar between September and December. No worries, the District's Toastmasters are very social people and will always find a party. This is what happens at every single Open House that is hosted by my home club, Own the Moment Oakville Toastmasters. This is how HOIST - Happy Oakville Interclub Summit for Toastmasters - was born.

As Area D83 Director, I decided to host a truly Interclub meeting with all 4 clubs from Area 83. The goal was to have an event where Toastmasters within Area 83 could meet, listen to great speeches, and network. Our success was measured by having an event where all clubs were represented on the agenda and all Toastmasters enjoyed themselves in a productive environment. One barrier we successfully removed was having individuals pay an admission fee. This was done be the generous donations from clubs. All in all, the Toastmasters and guests that did come, enjoyed the speakers, food, and especially the Games.

Every club participated and better yet, all 4 clubs sponsored the event to keep admission free with great food, drinks, and prizes. Krista Rowan, expertly delivered the appropriate theme, Community. Furthermore, I'd like to acknowledge the off-the-day participants:

Krista Rowan, President Glen Abbey Toastmasters - Toastmaster/ MC
Doug Flowers, President, Horizons Toastmasters - TableTopics Master
Zach Gray, President, SAA
Sasha-Li Chinloy, Area 83 Keynote Speaker,
Alisha Braund, Glen Abbey Toastmasters Speaker & Madonna fan
Shobith Johnson, Own the Moment Toastmasters, Speaker
Rosanne Garrido, Keeping-Everyone-Fed-and-Happy-Master
Elvis Gregov, FunMaster, Name that Tune
Peter Day, AudioMaster

Special shout-out goes to Sheridan Trafalgar Toastmasters. This club was the second-most represented club, behind only the host club. This is especially big since the event was hosted during Reading Week at Sheridan College.

While we had fancy equipment and great speeches and interactive games, the success of the event is, without question, because of the great people at this Toastmasters event. Elvis Gregov's, "Name That Tune" got everyone energized and competitive. We had 3 guests come to this event and 2 returned the very next Thursday at Own the Moment to join. This may very well become an annual event.

Sasha-Li Chinloy, ACS ALB
Area D83, Area Director, Own the Moment Toastmasters, IPP
November 1, 2019

Division A & B Laugh Off LOL Festival

LOL Banner


LOL?  Yes, Laughing Out Loud.... A Laugh Off Festival! Against Division B. Division B will bring their four (4) best speakers to “laugh off” Against our four (4) best Division A-Speakers.



  • Date: THURSDAY, OCT 24TH 2019
  • Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Admission: $10.00 PER PERSON Before October 16 | $15.00 at the Door | First Come, First Served Only 150 Seats
  • Refreshments will be served

Register and get your tickets on Eventbrite to reserve your seat

Here is a sneak peak at the Division B presenters:

Patricia Williams BPatricia has been a Toastmaster for 3 years. She is a Business Operations Analyst at the Region of Peel, and is currently the President of the Region of Peel Toastmasters Club. She loves rock concerts and fast cars.





Dennis Bartel DTM CDennis joined Hershaw Toastmasters in Oct of 2007, achieving his DTM on December 8th, 2017. He has competed in all four contest types at club, area, becoming the Division B 2017 Humorous Speech Contest Champion, and Division B 2015 Table Topics Champion. Dennis has received the 2009-2010 District 86 President of the Year, 2014 & 2018 Spirit of District 86 Award, and 2017-2018 Publicist of the Year  Award. He also served as the District 86 Webmaster from 2010 to 2016 and as the 2016-2017 Public Relations Manager. Along with Sue Hopcroft Co-Founded Brampton Talks Toastmasters. Dennis also designed the District 86 10-year logo, Toastmasters Flag for the 2017 Spring Conference, and various conference logos and printed programs. He has served as club President 3 times. 


Tuula Redditt DTM BTuula started her Toastmaster journey in November of 2006. Working as a digital media and fine artist for Atlantis Aerospace in Brampton they chartered a corporate toastmaster club. Since then the company closed and the club continued as a public club changing the name to Speak to Inspire Toastmasters in Brampton. Tuula received her DTM award in 2013 and the District 86 Spirit Award in 2015. She is the District 86 Blogmaster and newsletter editor and continues to support the conference committee with graphics and program support. 



Cal Lockhart DTM BCal has been retired since May, 2000 and has been a Toastmaster since May, 2012. He has been a member of two clubs for most of that period and is currently a member of his home club "Speak to Inspire". His 2nd club is "Brampton Alpha" and his 3rd club is "Raisng Champions Advanced Toastmasters. He has had the honour of serving as VPE for 4 terms between clubs. In addition he served for two terms as Sergeant At Arms for Medix Toastmasters (now Brampton Alpha). Cal has also served as a new Club Mentor for Citi Orators TM and was area 34 Director in 2018-19. He was awarded a DTM in July of 2019.


The World Championship of Public Speaking Live Stream

Join Us To Watch 'The World Championship' Live Stream

Be a confident speaker, build a better you!
Watch Toastmasters from around the world vie to be the World Champion of Public Speaking!

Each year, more than 30,000 Toastmasters compete in a contest. Watch contestants from all over the world deliver 5 to 7 minute  speeches that are evaluated by a panel of experienced Toastmasters. After a year of competing in club, area, division, district, region and semi/final competitions, these contestants have advanced for the chance to be the World Champion of Public Speaking.

  • Presented by: Brampton Talks Toastmasters Club
  • Date: Saturday, August 24th, 2019
  • Time: 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
  • Location: Brampton Library | Four Corners Branch | 65 Queen Street East |  Brampton | ON | L6W 3L6
  • Register on Eventbrite Fee is $10
  • Sponsor: Madhukar Shahi | Real Estate Sales Representative | Cell: 647-702-0447 | Off: 905-454-5222 | Real City Realty Inc., Brokerage 

Own the Moment (OTM) Oakville Toastmasters Elvis Gregov Wins 2019 Mary Heary Invitational Tall Tales Contests

Traditionally the Clubs in the Oakville area have been holding the Mary Heary Oakville Invitational Tall Tales Contests in the month of May for the past 10 years or so. The Tall Tales Contests would start at the club level in the month of April / May, and the club winner will go on to represent the home club. The contests venue would rotate from year to year amongst various, willing community clubs.

For the 2019 edition of the Mary Heary Oakville Invitational Tall Tales Contests, Area 83 Director Prashant Lal and Organising Team wanted to try something different from previous years. Let the contests venue be the pub! Accordingly, the Contests were held on Monday, May 27th, 7.30 to 9.30 pm at the Abbey Arms Pub Restaurant, 481 North Service Road W, Oakville.

Invited Oakville Clubs

The invited Clubs with the Representative in bracket, included the following:

• Glen Abbey Toastmasters (Krista Rowen)
• Horizon Toastmasters (Doug Flowers)
• Sheridan Bruins Oakville (Mashaal Effendi)
• Own the Moment (OTM) Oakville Toastmasters (Elvis Gregov)
• First Oakville Toastmasters (Rebecca Valero)
• Callisto Toastmasters (Muhammad Asif)
• Burloak Toasmasters (Did not participate)
• SUEZ Toastmasters (Victoria Oswell)
• Trafalgar Toastmasters (Iryna Boyco)
• Mansion Toastmasters (Paul Wouters)

Mary Heary Invitational Tall Tales ContestContestants Speaking Order

1 Victoria Oswell, SUEZ Toastmasters
2 Muhammad Asif, Callisto Toastmasters
3 Doug Flowers, Horizon Toastmasters
4 Mashaal Effendi, Sheridan Bruins Oakville
5 Iryna Boyco, Trafalgar Toastmasters
6 Rebecca Valero, First Oakville Toastmasters
7 Paul Wouters, Mansion Toastmasters
8 Elvis Gregov, OTM Oakville Toastmasters
9 Krista Rowan, Trafalgar Toastmasters


2019 Mary Heary Tall Tales Contests Winners

1st Place: Elvis Gregov, R E A F Remover
2nd Place: Iryna Boyko, A Careful Driver Appreciation Day
3rd Place: Rebecca Valero, The Micro Manager

Elvis Gregov Winning Speech R A E F Remover

The Winning Speech R A E F (read backwards as F E A R) Remover synopsis, per Elvis Gregov: “A travelling salesman comes into town with an invention, which will help the local town folk change their lives forever. Common fears like flying, going to the dentist office, and sleeping in the dark are tackled with this genius invention. There is a twist thought, we all have the individual power to remove F E A R, and not rely on a gadget to do this for us”.

Pub Environment Advantage

The Pub Owner did not charge for the venue. We enjoyed some fine British food and beer. The Pub Owner was happy to offer the venue on a Monday night, which unless there was a game, is usually a slow night for them. In a sense, it was a win for Toastmasters, a win for the Pub Owner. The positive experience from the many feedback received suggest that we will certainly entertain holding future contests in similar venues. Contestants are well advised to refrain from any alcohol consumption prior to their speeches. This guideline is not applicable to others. The rest of us can consume alcohol before, during and after the contests!


The 2019 Mary Heary Oakville Invitational Tall Tales Contests were a highly successful event. Kudos to the Organising Team, that includes Prashant Lal, Area 83 Director, Shelley Orchin, Area 87 Director, Carol Todd-Skuce, DTM, former Division L Governor, and Linda Rossi, DTM, Incoming Division D Director. Thanks and appreciation to Contest Team: Contest Chair Supritha Pai, Chief Judge George How Pak Hing, Timers and Ballot Counters Jeff Turk and Anna Meyers, the Internal and External Judges and Tie-Breaking Judge (that shall remain anonymous). Huge Thank You to the Contestants for giving their very best performance. Thank You to Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters for being there.
George How Pak Hing, PEng, DTM
OTM Oakville Toastmasters Founder & IPP

Town of Oakville Proclamation June 2019 as Toastmasters Month

On May 30, 2019 the Town of Oakville Mayor, Rob Burton proclaimed June 2019 Toastmasters Month in Oakville. George How Pak Hing, DTM, Founder of Own the Moment (OTM) Oakville Toastmasters began the process by contacting the Mayor's office in April 2019. George was instrumental in getting the Town of Oakville Proclamation, three years in a row.

Community and Corporate Clubs from Area Clubs in Area 83 and Area 87 that are in Oakville

  • Glen Abbey Toastmasters (A83) (Community)
  • Horizon Toastmasters (A83) (Community)
  • Sheridan Bruins Oakville Toastmasters (A83) (College)
  • Own the Moment (OTM) Oakville Toastmasters (A83) (Community)
  • First Oakville Toastmasters (A87) (Community)
  • Callisto Toastmasters (A87) (Corporate)
  • Burloak Toastmasters (A87) (Corporate)
  • GE Toasters (A87) (Corporate)
  • Trafalgar Toastmasters (A87) (Community)

Oakville Proclamation

Sudbury Braves The Cold to Hold Area 3 International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Area 3 and Area 4 collaborated to hold back to back speech and evaluation contests at College Boreal in Sudbury on Sunday 27th January. Area 3 Contest 1 – 4pm and Area 4 from 4 – 5:20pm.

All clubs from Areas 3 and 4, were involved in the contest and 4 clubs had members competing in the Area 3 contest. Despite a -42C wind-chill there was a great turnout and fantastic speeches and evaluations.

Area 3 International Speech Contestants were Mickey Teed, Mary Ellen Shepley, Carla Gagne and Dan Vincent.

Area 3 Evaluation Contestants were Jennie Carroll, Shawna Kirkwood, Mette Kruger.

1st and 2nd placings proceed to the Division N Contest on Saturday 2nd March, 1-4pm at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine at Laurentian University, Sudbury.

Area3ContestArea 3 International Speech Contest 27Jan2019 at College Boreal, Sudbury ON
L to R: (Photo by Natalie Champagne)
John Cooney (Chair), Mickey Teed (1st), Mary Ellen Shepley (2nd), Carla Gagne (3rd) and Dan Vincent










Area 3 Speech Evaluation Contest 27Jan2019 at College Boreal, Sudbury ON
L to R: (Photo by Natalie Champagne)
John Cooney (Chair), Jennie Carroll (1st), Mette Kruger (3rd), Shawna Kirkwood (2nd), and Mickey Teed







Many thanks to our Chief Judge Christine Lewis, Area 4 Director Melanie Mayer, College Boreal for use of the wonderful Jean Watters Auditorium, to all of our judges, sergeants at arms, ballot counters and timers. Thank you to all our contestants for preparing high quality speeches for this contest.
We wish all of those moving on to Division N the best of luck!

John Cooney
Area 3 Director/Contest Chair

What’s Next?

Post Election News by Steve Elliot Area 83 Director 

The club election is over! I know what most of you are saying to yourselves…” Whew my work here is done.” Not quite done yet. There is more important work that should be happening post election that will set the new incoming executive up for success. In this blog I will share what next steps clubs should be taking post election.
First up, I always find it a nice touch if the current President sends a mass email to the club members and notifies of them of the new officers and offers to support them in the transition period. This will also put members who didn’t make the election an understanding of the new executive of the club.
Next, I would suggest that someone from the current executive team notifies Toastmasters International of the incoming officers. Head to Toastmasters.org and login to Club Central. Once there scroll to Club Administration you will select Club Officer Assignment. Enter in all the new officers for your club. After that you will be asked to provide the incoming President address. Why? Toastmasters will mail out the Distinguished Club Program manuals for the new executive to create their Distinguished Club Plan. By doing this work you are earning your club a point on the next year Distinguished Club Plan.
If your club uses Easy Speak, don’t forget to update the officer list for the coming year. Otherwise the officers won’t have the current access to Easy Speak. If your club uses the VP membership as the contact info of the club make sure that is changed once the new group takes over.
The incoming President should be reaching out to his/her incoming fellow executives and making them aware of the wonderful Officer Training. Encourage as many to attend the Toastmaster Learning Institute as possible. This is organized by the district and is the most comprehensive training. If your club budget or company budget (if you are a corporate club) can afford it all officers attending the training should be compensated for their ticket. The officers are giving up their time to attend the training and it will benefit the club greatly. Obviously, this can only occur if the club can afford to do so. By the way, every Division should have make up training if any officers can’t make the TLI on May 26th. Reach out to your Area Director for more details.
We now need some team work! The reason the elections are held in May and the new officers don’t take their positions till July is so that job shadowing can happen! It’s a great idea for the next few weeks if the incoming and current executive work together. For example, the current SAA can have the incoming SAA help with room set up, show the person where supplies are stored, etc. The current and incoming and current Club President should also schedule a joint executive meeting. This is a great way for the current group to share status updates and any other relevant information.
One of the final duties of the current President is to arrange the installation of the incoming team and discharge of the current team. This will usually happen at the last club meeting in June. Make sure you have ordered new club officer pins for the new team (if club finances allow), or make sure the current officers provide their pins back before the installation so they can be handed to the new executives. There are lots of sample scripts on the internet that you can use for the ceremony. This is also a great time to recognize the hard work of the current executives and thank them for their service to the club.
There are two administration tasks that require a good deal of diligence and time. First up the club bank account will need to be updated. The current President will need to arrange for the out-going President, Vice President of Education and Treasurer signing authority removed and then the Incoming President, Vice President of Education and Treasurer added. Having been involved in this process a few times I can say it can be time consuming and difficult to arrange. My suggestion would be to reach out to the bank and ask what will be required. Some questions to ask…who needs to be present when adding or removing signatures from the account? Can it be done at the same time or over time if not everyone can attend? What if any paperwork will be required? For example, our club bank requires the document be on Toastmaster International letter head.
The second task that should be undertaken is an audit of the club books and finances. This will involve the out-going President and Treasurer and the Incoming Treasurer and President. The current team should get someone to perform the audit. This person doesn’t need to have an accounting background, but it would help. The “auditor” shouldn’t be anyone on the current executive. It can be a current member of the club, it can also be someone from outside the club. The process is to just review the bank statements, balance sheets and expenses from the previous year. Looking for proper accounting processes are followed. Once they sign off the new team takes over.
I find this step can take time. First you need to find a volunteer to go over the books. Then you need to co-ordinate this with all the people that would be involved. It’s a great way to make sure that nothing has fallen through the cracks and that all expenses have been properly accounted for.
Now the work is almost done! The end is in sight for those that have served their clubs! An excitement builds as the new team is ready to assume office. It’s a great time of year and a busy time of year for Toastmasters! Which ever side you find yourself, enjoy the process!

Toastmasters International Values:  Integrity • Respect • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:   Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team

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