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Brampton Talks Toastmasters

Become the Speaker and Leader You Want to Be and Reach Your Highest Potential

Each meeting gives everyone an opportunity to practice . . .

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Conducting meetings

Members learn how to plan and conduct meetings.

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Giving impromptu speeches

Members present one-to-two minute, impromptu speechs on assigned topics

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Presenting prepared speeches

Members present speeches based on projects from manuals in Toastmasters’ proven communication and/or leadership programs. Projects cover topics such as speaking, organization, vocal variety, language, gestures and persuasion.

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Offering constructive evaluation

Every prepared speaker is assigned an evaluator who identifies speech strengths and offers suggestions for improvement.

Typical Meeting Format

  • Registration: Meet and Greet

    Meet members and ask questions

  • Meeting Start

    Introductions of guests and meeting roles

  • Club Business

    Reading of minutes and reports

  • Speeches

    Members gave prepared speeches on varius objectives and topics

  • Break

    Mingle and meet

  • Table Topics

    Practice thinking on your feet

  • Evaluations

    Feedback of speakers and meeting

  • Meeting End

    Ask questions and meet members

How to Join Brampton Talks Toastmasters

Step One

Visit Brampton Talks Toastmasters (You can come for more than one visit. Visits are FREE!!)

Contact us at: click to email

Step Two

After you attend a meeting, you can apply for membership (minimum age 18) At the meeting ask for a membership application. Membership is affordable, costing less than $200 a year

Step Three

Give your application and dues to the vice president membership at the club. Once you are voted in by the existing membership, the club officer will send your application and fees to Toastmasters’ World Headquarters you will receive your first two manuals.