Division B

Division B Director - Roger Caesar, ACG, ALB

Headshot of Division B Director

Division Boundaries:

Southwest: Milton

South: HWY 407

East : City of Malton up to Hwy 50 

West/ North West: Halton Hills


About Division:

Welcome to Division B! 5 Areas, 19 clubs and committed long term members and strong leaders.

13 of our clubs are corporate clubs. Division B team consist of many past and Present District and International Leaders. We have many members who has been with us for over 20 years and we are proud to have many District Champions in Division B as well.


Message from Division B Director

 Division B has traditionally prided itself for being one of the strongest divisions in the district. We have had great leaders who have worked hard to maintain the status of this division. Our members are our lifeline and as Division Director, I will continue to work hard for our valuable members. My elite team of Area Directors have made it their duty to be present to help our clubs and support them to achieve their highest goals.



Division C

Mississauga North
Division C Director - Aurélie-Anne Contosta, ACS, ALB, EC3, DL2

Headshot of Division C Director

Division Boundaries:

Division C split into Division C and E in 2019. Division C is located in Mississauga between Hwy 407, Hwy 401 and Hwy 403. Note: along Eastgate Pkwy extending out to the Mississauga/Toronto eastern border is Division E.


About Division:

Division C is comprised of 13 clubs in four (4) areas.

Of the four (4) areas, three (3) have three (3) clubs and one (1) has four (4) clubs.


Message from Division C Director

After serving the Division C as Area C44 Director in 2018-2019, I am excited to embark on this one-year journey and contribute to the development of our corporate clubs across District86.


Inspirational quote:

"He who becomes the slave of habit [...] who does not risk certainty for uncertainty to this follow a dream [...] dies slowly." Die slowly, Pablo Neruda

Division D

Mississauga South/Oakville
 Division D Director - Linda Rossi, DTM

Headshot of Division D Director

Division Boundaries:

Division D is comprised of 17 clubs in 4 areas. It is located in South Mississauga and Oakville. The boundaries are from Confederation Pkwy to Hurontario St heading towards Lake Ontario.



About Division:

As a result of the recent realignment, Division D is now comprised of 16 active clubs; 5 corporate, 10 community, 1 a combination of corporate/community and 1 corporate club that is currently inactive.  

Below is the history prior to the realignment which was effective July 1, 2019.

Division D had been President's Distinguished since its inception in 2014. There were 13 corporate clubs and 20 community clubs serving over 750 members in their goal to be better communicators and leaders. In 2017/2018 year there were 22 clubs that were "Distinguished" clubs, 17 of which were "President's Distinguished."


Message from Division D Director

Welcome to Division D!  We are dedicated and devoted to every aspect of the Toastmasters program; learning, teaching, leading and communicating!  Our Division goals include sharing knowledge from the more established clubs with those who need support as well as seeking potential growth opportunities.  The Division D Success Plan includes reaching out to our fellow Toastmasters beyond our Division to enhance our learning experience, which in turn fortifies our District as a whole. Our Area Directors have already established themselves as leaders in their own Toastmaster communities and welcome the opportunity to assist ANY Toastmaster where and whenever needed.

I invite each and every one of you to visit the clubs in Division D!

For the Good of Toastmasters,

Linda Rossi, DTM

Director, Division D



Division E

Mississauga Central
Division E Director - Hilgay Beckles, ACB, ALS

Headshot of Division E Director

Division Boundaries:

North: 407 (ETR)

South: Hwy 401, 403/Eastgate Parkway

East: Highway 427

West: Intersection of Hwy 401/407(ETR)- just west of Winston Churchill Blvd.


About Division:

 Division  E is made up of 18 clubs across 5 areas. Out of the 18 clubs, 2 are community clubs and the rest Corporate. The Division is the first new division formed from splitting Division C and absorbing the geographic area south of the Mississauga town line boundary that was previously Area B35, B36 & B37 from Division B. As the first newly formed Division, numbering of the areas started in the next numbered grouping of E1, E2 etc.

Message from Division E Director 


I am excited and thrilled to be part of this new division which has come about due to the transformation that D86 has undergone in 2019 and the vision that our District executive have for building and sustaining strong and vibrant Toastmasters clubs. The community clubs have been the mainstay of Toastmasters for generations, however, corporate clubs are as important and are part of the Toastmaster experience for many people. I understand the challenges faced by many corporate clubs, due to timing and work deadlines, last minute meetings, site relocation etc., I had my fair share of them as I started my Toastmasters journey as a member of a corporate club. However, I’m convinced that as more and more  of our members embrace the Pathways Program, corporate clubs will stand tall alongside our Community clubs poised to fulfill the Toastmaster mission to empower individual to become more effective communicators and leaders.   

I’m excited  to take on the role as leader of the division and as this year unfolds my goal is to visit as many clubs  as possible within the division, meeting members, listening to their ideas and celebrating their club successes. My vision is that our division E  will be the Division of Excellence where members are empowered and engaged to become the best they can be.

Division F

Mississaauga Central
Division F Director - Iona Rodricks, DTM

Headshot of Division F Director

Division Boundaries:

Division F with areas on the west side of Confederation Pkwy heading south to Hurontario.

About Division:

Message from Division F Director


Message from Division F Director 

Greetings Division F Director Toastmasters!

It is an honor to serve our members as your Division F Director.  In supporting the mission of our District, we will support all our clubs in achieving excellence.  Our Division goal is President’s Distinguished, every area and club Presidents Distinguished and every member achieve an Educational award! 

Our Division focus is growth in Education, Membership and Marketing! 
The members of our Division Council are dedicated in service to you. 

We all came to Toastmasters to speak, and in speaking you will discover skills in communication and leadership. 

Please share your stories and Toastmasters experiences.  Challenge yourself to achieve an educational award and in doing so together we will realize our dream of achieving excellence in Education, Membership & Marketing.! 

If you are speaking, you are achieving!

Let's go Division F!  Onwards, Upwards, Towards Excellence in Speaking and Beyond! 

Yours in service,

Iona Rodricks, DTM



Division F Clubs

Area 11

Area 13

 00003419 Trillium

 00006288 City Centre Club

 00006092 Discovery

 00007763 Speaking For Success

 00008277 Mississauga Valley

 01120086 Comfortably Speaking

 05112819 IIBA Mississauga

 01633651 Mi Speak

 07753125  Allegion Canada


Area 12

Area 14

 00007322 COMET

 01315959 ActionMasters

 00742747 Lakeview

 01562378 Trillium Health Partners: Mississauga & Credit Valley Hospit

 02819045 Sheridan HMC

 01600536 Soar To Excellence

 05908893 Fellowship

 05829917 Knowledge First Financial

Division G

Vaughan/Richmond Hill
Division G Director - Millie Leng, DTM

Headshot of Division G Director

Division Boundaries:

North: Kirby Rd / 19th Ave

South: Steeles Ave

East: Hwy 404

West: Hwy 50


About Division:

The west side of old Division A from the Hwy 404 dividing line, encompassing the cities of Vaughan and Richmond Hills. It situated west of Highway 50, north of King Vaughan road in City of Vaughan and Bloomington Road in Richmond Hills, east of Highway 400 and generally south of Highway 7 (south border for Thornhill is steels avenue). 

Message from Division G Director 

New Division G has 4 areas including 14 clubs, 1 advanced club and 1 French club. A brand new Toastmaster year starts with new leadership, new goals and new friends. 

Your division G council leadership team consists with All Stars - Area G-21 Director Amitis Nouroozi, Area G-22 Director Bennett Mendes,  Area G-23 Director Howard Bishansky, and Area G-24 Director Hamid Imami. 

It is my pleasure to serve and learn from you and your club. I look forward to meet you in one of Toastmaster events/meetings. If I can assist your goal(s) in anyway, please don't hesitate to reach out :) 

Division L

Division L Director - Deridor Collier, DTM

Headshot of Division L Director

Division Boundaries: Burlington to Brantford and Dundas to Welland

North/East:  Burlington (West of Appleby Line

South:  Niagara Falls/Fort Erie
West: Dundas / Brantford / Highway 24 / Division S & W



About Division:

Division L comprises of 24 clubs in seven areas in the Lakeshore/Golden Horseshoe vicinity, located between Burlington and Niagara.  Division L contains two out of the original four clubs that first formed in Ontario.  

 Message from Division L Director


Division L supports a vibrant and diverse community within the Golden Horseshoe. Our clubs help members develop their public speaking and leadership skills. Club Officers and members are supported by an amazing team of Division L Area Directors and the Division Director.

In addition to helping clubs be successful, new Toastmasters clubs are formed to meet growing demands from interested parties within community and corporate areas.

Curious about Toastmasters International Pathways learning experience see https://www.toastmasters.org/pathways-overview.

Below is a list of clubs you can visit. Work on achieving your development goal(s) by joining a club and starting on your selected Path in a supportive small group setting.

Division M

Peel Region (north),York Region (north), Simcoe County, Georgian Bay, Muskoka
Division M Director - Margret (Peggy) Onlock, DTM, DL3

Headshot of Division M Director

Division Boundaries:

North: Barrie, Midland and Orillia, and up to Muskoka and Parry Sound
South: Bolton and King Road
East: Aurora, Newmarket, Stouffville, Keswick, north Richmond Hill
West: Orangeville, Alliston and Collingwood



About Division:

Sure does take a long time to drive from one club to another! Division M is characterized by a mix of large, small, and smaller urban communities with lots of beautiful rural space in between.   Division M also has beautiful lakes and cottage country within our reach.  Despite differences in our communities, and in the number of people we meet as we go about our daily lives, our members share appreciation for the personal growth opportunities they receive from their clubs. Division M is home to 18 Toastmasters clubs. 


Message from Division M Director - Welcome to Division M.  We are made up of unique and vibrant clubs within our Toastmasters communities.  We are proud to consist of urban and professional corporate clubs to a more relaxed environment in Ontario's beautiful rural and cottage country.  We are proud to bring a lot of heart, dedication and spirit into our District as we continue to enhance our communication and leadership skills.


Division N

Sault Ste. Marie/North Bay/Sudbury
Division N Director - Lisa Wilson, ACS, CL

Headshot of Division N Director

Division Boundaries:

North: Timmins
South: North Bay
East: North Bay
West: Sault Ste. Marie



About Division:

Division N consists of 17 clubs in four areas. We may not have as many areas, but we cover more area by land mass than any other division. It would take over 15 hours and over 1300 kms to drive through all of the areas in Division N.


Message from Division N Director

I am very excited and nervous to take on this post. Division N, affectionately referred to as "The North" (said in your deepest voice), has special challenges because of our geography. Our clubs are fewer and further between compared to other divisions but they are mighty. We have some amazing dedicated people and I will be calling on all of them to help make this an amazing year. 

Like many other divisions we suffered some membership loss over the last few years but I know with the energy and enthusiasm I've seen and felt from our membership that we will regain the momentum. 

Toastmasters has done so much for me, in speaking, leadership, and confidence in myself, I want to share that with as many people as possible.  

Division S Director

Division S Director - Clinton Springer, DTM

Headshot of Division S Director

Division Boundaries:

North: Hwy 7, north of Strathroy and London 
South: Hwy 80 south of Sarnia to Lake Erie, Port Stanley 
East :  Hwy 3/25, Drumbo, Port Dover
West: St. Clair River, Sarnia



About Division:

Spectacular Division S is centered in Lambton, Elgin and Middlesex counties. This year marks 10 years of service, being formed in the 2008 reformation. Growth has been active in the last 5 years, doubling the size, by adding 10 clubs. Corporate clubs have spurred that activity. Several clubs are long tenured, Forest City celebrating 60th Anniversary this year and Sarnia club is over 50 years tenured.


Message from Division S Director


Division T

Owen Sound/Cambridge/Guelph/Kincardine
Division T Director - Cynthia Ayres, DTM

Headshot of Division T DirectorDivision Boundaries:

North: Owen Sound
South: Cambridge
East :  Guelph
West: Kincardine



What's new in our Division:

ADDED: Area 92 - High Noon, Conestoga, Area 93 - Guelph Public Speakers, Area 94 - Blountly, Speed River Toastmasters

Message from Division T Director:

I look forward to leading the terrific members of Division T. 

Our team values will be RISE - Respect and Recognition, Integrity and Inspiration, Service and Self Improvement and Excellence and Encouragement. 

Our principles will be trust, reliability, teamwork and FUN.  Our theme will be the TEEEE Team - Encouraging, Energetic, Excellent and Empowering Team. 

Division T has the members and resources to be a Top Notch Team.  It starts with each individual member setting goals and achieving them throughout the year.  As the leader of Division T I look forward to watching our members, clubs, areas and Division grow throughout the 2019/2020 year. 

Toastmasters International Values:  Integrity • Respect • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:   Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team

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