Full Conference

Friday 4 pm to
Sunday 2:30 pm

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Option #1 or #2

#1 Friday 4 pm - Saturday 6 pm
#2 Saturday 12:45 pm - Sunday 2:30 pm

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Speech Contest

International Saturday 12:45 pm
Evaluation Sunday 9:00 am

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Option Friday April 28
1 2 Workshops #1
    First Timers and all Distinguished Toastmasters Meet & Greet 
    Line up for Banner Parade
    Opening Ceremonies
    Parade of Banners
    DTM Recognition Dinner
Option Saturday April 29
1 2 Breakfast Buffet
    Conference Keynote 
    Workshops #2
    Workshops #3
    Communication & Leadership (C&L) Luncheon  
    Members Making A Difference (MMAD) award presentations
    International Speech Contest
    Business Meeting   
    Directors Banquet
    Directors Ball
Option Sunday April 30
1 2 Breakfast Buffet  
    District Educational
    Evaluation Speech Contest
    Champion Luncheon
    District Keynote - Speaker

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Learn new ideas, strategies, and techniques to help your clubs, areas, and divisions succeed.
Connect face to face and network with like-minded Toastmasters from across Ontario
Spur your personal growth, thinking, creativity, and planning from outstanding workshops
Be Inspired by Distinguished Toastmasters and District Award Winners who are recognized for achieving their goals
Be Amazed by fabulous contest speakers, motivated presenters, and selfless volunteers
Renew Friendships by coming home for a TM Conference - a bi-annual gathering of new & old friends
Re-Energize your passion and regain your focus for your own Toastmasters journey

Spring 2017 Communication and Leadership Award Recipient
Frank Austin, Founder, The Expressive Café ®

frank austin

The ability to communicate is vital – no one understands this better than a Toastmaster.
Now – imagine that your ability to communicate was taken away from you. As a result of a stroke in 2008, this was Frank Austin's situation. The stroke affected the "language centre" of the brain and resulted in a condition called "Aphasia". This condition hampers the ability to connect words to their meaning – in some cases, the afflicted person can`t talk, can`t read, can`t write. Shortly after the stroke, Frank could not even say his own son's name. Within a couple years and with amazing determination, Frank was volunteering as a peer visitor, and speaking at Stroke Recovery groups to share his strategies and struggles – slowly regaining his speaking ability, gaining confidence, offering hope. Frank taught himself to regain his speech by reading to his son.

Four years after his stroke, and frustrated from a shortfall in resources at home in Elmira, Ontario, Frank founded The Expressive Café ® - a facilitated conversation group for people with Aphasia. Toastmasters know the positive effect of having people participate and communicate in a safe and supportive environment. "The Mission of the Expressive Café ® is to improve communication skills using expressive and receptive activities in a safe environment." It helps give people with Aphasia the confidence to try to communicate and reconnect their lives – either by steadily improving their pre-stroke methods or by rewiring their brain's language centres to discover and hone new skills using methods available to them post-stroke. The outcomes through participating in these groups are hopeful return and reconnection to their communities, less isolation, and a happier, positive outlook on life.

Read more at: https://www.prlog.org/12623556-frank-austin-to-receive-toastmasters-district-86-communication-and-leadership-award.html

Authors' Corner

We are pleased to offer Toastmasters (Authors, Workshop Presenters, and others who have resources which support growth as a Communicator or Leader) the opportunity to sell your books, CDs and DVDs at the conference. Deadline for Submission is April 20, 2017, but the sooner you submit, the more likely we will have space for you! (Before April 1 is preferable) Please remit all your information today!!
The guidelines for the District 86 Conference Author's Corner are:
- You reap 100% of your profits
- You are responsible for selling and supervising your own products. Your table in the Author’s Corner display will be available from Friday 2:00 pm until Sunday 2:00pm and you must be registered at all times your wares are available for sale. Any other person selling on your behalf must also be a Conference registrant in that time slot. You may want to bring a table cloth to cover your resources when unattended as we are not responsible for any losses.
If you wish to participate in this opportunity, we need the following information from you as soon as possible:
- The titles of your book(s), CDs, DVDs | The subject matter | Which Conference option you registered for (full or partial registration),
- We will have 4’, 6’ and 8’ tables available for displays. Please let us know which size you will need (we reserve the right to reduce the size depending on available space.) 

Please supply this information by filling out the form at Google Form If You wish to have a table at the conference
Contact Chris Brown, Authors' Corner Chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions about exhibiting.