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Area 53 Director - Lydia Schulenberg ACS, ALB



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Message from Area 53 Director

This year it is my honour and privilege to serve as Area 53 Director.

Area 53 boarders Lake Ontario to include Grimsby, Stoney Creek, and Steel Town (located on Hamilton West Mountain) This area is a mix of experienced and new members which provides the best learning laboratory. Experienced members learn as they mentor new members. New members learn as they try new things in this safe environment protected by experienced members. Everyone wins.

We are continuing to learn and use the exciting Pathways program.  I am very impressed with the number of different paths and the various learning aspects found in these paths. Do remember that there is a ton of help available, from the area director, the division director, and from any of the officers from District 86.

Most of our clubs will be holding an Open House in the fall.  We invite you to attend, to learn, to grow.  Keep an eye on the clubs' web pages for dates and venues.

If you're in the area on a scheduled meeting night from one of our clubs, please feel free to enter, identify yourself and enjoy our safe environment.

Clubs and their meeting times are listed below.

Area 53 Director

Lydia Schulenberg, ACS ALB




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Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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