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Area T-92

Area 92

Area 92 Director - Karen Pantaleo ACG, ALB

area92directorLocation: Cambridge (Preston), Ontario

About Area:  Area 92 is the home of 3 vibrant and diverse Toastmasters Clubs within the city of Cambridge and meet at the same location; The Allan Reuter Centre at 507 King Street East, Cambridge.

We offer 2 clubs open to the public that meet weekly in the evening and a club for advanced Toastmasters that meets twice monthly.

Message from Area 92 Director


Our Area 92 truly has something for everyone!

Many people come through the doors curious about the clubs because they have heard of Toastmasters as a place to improve public speaking skills.

That is true, but there is so much more!!

Through practise, Club members learn to express themselves better, whether one on one or in front of a group.  Ever walk out of a meeting and think "Now I know what I should have said!"  We practise impromptu speaking at every meeting, and it does get easier with practise!  Club members learn to lead an effective meeting and keep it running on time.  We learn leadership skills by holding an executive position in the club or taking on a role to organize a club event.

 But don't take my word for it!  Join us and see for yourself! 

 Visitors are always welcome to attend a meeting or two before deciding whether it is a fit.  

 Please check the club's Facebook pages for up-to-date meeting information!


Cambridge Toastmasters Club (Thurs @ 730)



Grand River Toastmasters Club (Tues @ 700)



Top Drawer Advance Toastmasters Club (First Wed and 3rd Sat monthly)



Upcoming Contests

Stay Tuned

Information on upcoming Speech Contests will be posted here!








Area 92 Upcoming Open Houses


Open Houses!


Visit one of our Incredible Clubs to Learn More about Toastmasters


TopDrawer Advanced Toastmasters is presenting SPEAKING FROM THE HEART CONTEST

Friday June 7, 2019 - 6:00 p.m.

Location: Grand Valley Golf Course - 1910 Roseville Road, Cambridge, Ontario

This will be a dinner / contest event. It is open to anyone who wants to see exciting and passionate speakers who will be presenting and competing in the Speaking from the Heart Contest.


Early Bird - $25.00 per person
Early Bird - 2 for $45.00
Pay at Door - $30.00
Tickets can be purchased from any TopDrawer Toastmaster you can also register on Eventbrite.



If you are a contestant you will be required to send in your submission based on the following requirements.

Rules will be based on the International Speech Contest. Require eligibility form and bio profile form with submission
Any member in good standing that has completed Level 2 of a Path, or has completed 6 speeches of the Competent Communicator.
Speech 2 minutes - 3 minutes (Word Count 272 - 300 words)
Presentation must be original work - any quoted material must be acknowledged The words are from your heart - something you care deeply about and in Keeping with Toastmasters Core Values.
An example would be the Gettysburg Address
Submit your entry to one of the following not later than June 3/19:
Anne Dockeray - adockeray@hotmail.com
Carol Moller - wdg2003@rogers.com
Catherine Crouse - cathycrouse9@gmail.com

Toastmasters International Values:  Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:  Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team 

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