District 86 Club Growth Director

Headshot of Iona Rodricks, DTM Club Growth Director, Community/SpecialityIona Rodricks, DTM  

District 86,  it is an honour to serve as your Club Growth Director for 2020-2021.

Members of District 86, Thank you for attending your Toastmasters meetings. 
As we navigate unexpected times by attending online meetings you demonstrate resilience and creativity in finding new ways to experience the benefits of Toastmasters. 

Our club and district leaders are committed to helping you through this transition with resources to build your communication and leadership skills 

By serving our members we fulfill the mission of the District and build new clubs, retain our clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence through membership and marketing strategies. 

Let's build new clubs, retain existing clubs and create a stronger Toastmasters presence within the communities we serve.  

D86 Leadership Opportunities await you!

Reach out and connect to stay in touch with our members
Please reach out and connect with our members at meetings, acknowledge their presence and stay in touch.   
- Reach out to members who are not attending and let them know you care.  
- Extend your hand of friendship, find out where our missing members are and follow up with how they are doing with phone call to show you care. 
- Whether in a Corporate or Community club it is the relationships that make the difference at Toastmasters.

Club Coaches - Build your leadership skills, Coach a club!
Achieve the club coach and District leader requirement towards your DTM. To coach a club that needs your skills contact the Club Growth Team. 

Promote, advertise & market your clubs on Meet-up, Linked-in & social media

Extend invitations to your meetings. Promote, advertise and market your Toastmasters clubs through Meetup, Linkedin and other social media
- District 86 has meet-up accounts for all our clubs
- Contact the Public Relations Team for assistance.

Invite a friend, family or colleagues at work to Toastmasters

Invite and bring your friends, family, and co-workers to experience the benefits and values of being a Toastmaster.  Share with them that Toastmasters can help to support their development in the new normal.
Below are a couple of helpful resources in addition to benefits and growth you have experienced as a Toastmaster.  

New Club leads
If you know of any ideas for new club leads please let us know!  District 86 needs your support to start new clubs in the community and places of work!  Let us know how to support you. New clubs allow you and others an opportunity to develop leadership skills as a Club Sponsor or Club Mentor and an opportunity to give back to our organization. 

CALLING VOLUNTEER LEADERS – GET INVOLVED!                                                                                       

District 86 currently has openings for volunteer leaders to serve as club coaches, club sponsors & club mentors!

Have you received the benefits of Toastmasters, would you be able to give back to our clubs in need of your guidance and experience? Supporting new and struggling clubs as a volunteer leader is an exciting and challenging opportunity for enthusiastic self-motivated Toastmasters. 

Club Coach

Club Sponsor

  • Assess the club environment and recommend best practices for success
  • Build rapport with club leaders and members
  • Instill enthusiasm, camaraderie and structure within the club
  • Work with club leaders to develop a Club Success Plan
  • Encourage the club to strive for Distinguished Club Program (DCP) recognition
  • Organize the new club including selling the new club idea to prospective members
  • Host demonstration meetings
  • Help organize regular club meetings
  • Complete charter paperwork
  • Plan the charter party


Club Mentor


  • Build rapport with club leaders, sponsors & members
  • Provide the new club with an overview history of Toastmasters International, the organization structure and the relationship between the organization and the club member
  • Explain the Toastmasters education program and be a resource for new clubs as they work through Pathways.
  • Help the club and members build positive habits
  • Work with club leaders to develop a Club Success Plan
  • Encourage the club to strive to achieve recognition in the DCP Distinguished Club Program.
  • Toastmaster in good standing (i.e. paid member of a club)
  • Enthusiastic and willing to help others learn and grow
  • Support fellow clubs and members achieve their goals.
  • Coaching and mentoring experience is preferred but not required
  • Enrollment & knowledge in Pathways.


Thank you for your engagement, passion and dedication to each other and Toastmasters.  Please reach out to the club growth team and let us know how we can assist you in your journey to success.

Yours in service,
Iona Rodricks, DTM
Club Growth Director 2020 - 2021
Email:    ionarodrickscgd@outlook.com 


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