Moments Of Truth For Club Officers

  • Q: Now that Club Officers have met with the outgoing Club Executive and attended District sponsored training, is there any else needs to be done?
  • A: The VP Education, VP Membership or their Education Committee should speak to all their club members about their 2017-2018 Toastmasters goals and how the club can help them achieve it. With larger clubs, all Club Officers help with these discussions.

  • Q: Is there a form or tool that can help with gathering this information?
  • A: TI publishes a Member Interest Survey; some clubs use SurveyMonkey to collect this information; some send out an email; clubs that useEasy-Speak have this tool built in.

  • Q: What do we do with this information?
  • A: Create a Club Success Plan and Budget. The Distinguished Club Program is one part of the Club Success Plan. The Budget helps determine the number of renewing members and the club’s plan for growth. In addition to paying for the club rental fees (if any) and the TI dues, the budget indicate how the remaining funds will be used to pay for educational, incentive and social program such as events with food.

  • Q: Can a club pay the full annual dues to TI?
  • A: Yes, but manually. There is no real benefit to the club for doing this. All payments to TI are non-refundable.

  • Q: Does the Treasurer need to do anything with the Budget once it is approved by the Club Executive?
  • A: It should be presented to the club with periodic updates throughout the year. If the Exec has recommended a change to the fees it charges its member, a motion needs to be presented during the business portion of the club meeting.

  • Q: Which club members vote on a motion to change club fees?
  • A: A simple majority of active club member must vote in favour if this change with a simple majority of active members present.

  • Q: How do you determine if a member is “active”?
  • A: All paid up members meet the simple requirement of “active”, however, some clubs have bylaws in place that indicate that if a member misses a number of meets, then they are not considered active.

  • Q: When the motion passes, how do we amend our club’s bylaws?
  • A: Any active club officer can make changes to their club’s Addendum of Standard Club Options simply by logging in to Under Conduct Club Business, click on the option Update my Addendum of Standard Club Options.

  • Q: Some of our members have moved, no longer work at the company or have stopped attending meetings. What can we do? 
  • A: Many clubs lose 30% to 40% of its members at the September renewal. TI recommends that all clubs take advantage of the Smedley Award Membership Building Contest and sign up at least 5 new/dual/reinstated members between August and September. Your VP Membership or the Membership/Public Relations Committee should coordinate this special contest at your club. In addition, club officers should be in regular contact with members that miss meetings.

  • Q: Is there something special we can do at our club to retain member or attract new members?
  • A: This month’s Leader Letter has "Top 5 Ways to Create a Quality Club"

  • Q: What are these 5 Ways?
  • A: The article provides more details. In summary:
    • Make a Strong First Impression
    • Assign Mentors to New Members
    • Keep Meetings Well Planned and Organized
    • Grow Your Club!
    • Celebrate Accomplishments

  • Q: Is there anything else a Treasurer needs to do in August?
  • A: Prepare the renewal notice for all members and send them out starting mid-August.

  • Q: When can renewal dues be paid to TI and how?
  • A: Starting on Sep 1st, any active club officer can log into Club Central and Pay dues.

  • Q: Is there anything else that is special about this renewal period?
  • A: Club that do not pay the renewal for a minimum of eight members by Oct 1 st, at least three of whom were members of the club prior to Oct 1st, be considered no longer in “good standing”.

  • Q: What are the consequences to members if a club does not pay their minimum membership by Oct 10th and be considered no longer in “good standing”?
  • A: Their members will not be able to compete in the upcoming Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests. After Oct 10th, all winners from these clubs will be retroactively disqualified.
    These clubs will not be able to vote at the District Council meeting on Nov 11, 2017.

  • Q: I belong to a corporate club and our HR pays for the TI dues. How does this impact our club and members?
  • A: Make your request to HR as early as possible and ensure that TI has the funds by Sep 30th. The grace period from Oct 11th to Nov 30th is no longer valid.

  • Q: I have more questions about this, who do I speak to you?
  • A: Your Area Director can assist. They are knowledgeable and have access to District resources. Visit and choose your Division for the contact information for your Area Director.

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