Quality speech contests are an important part of the Toastmasters educational program. They provide an opportunity for Toastmasters to gain speaking experience, as well as an opportunity for other Toastmasters to learn by observing proficient speakers.

2018/2019 Speech Contest Rulebook

Be sure to read the new rule book. Download it here. This is the authority for all contests and changes are made every year. This years changes are marked with ♦. NOTE  Form #1177 is the Official note sheet for the contestants to use in the evauation contest. There is a new results form #1168 in the speech kit.

District 86 Evaluation and International Speech Contest dates: Club January 1 - February 3, / Area February 4 - March 3 / Division March 4 - April 8 - click here for Area Contest Dates and here for Division Contest Dates.

1171 rulebook 2018 2019    Form 1177 Evaluation Contestant Notes

NEW - Speech Contest Eligibility Checker

Contestants , All Judges - Rule book page 5-7

Speech Contest Eligibility Checker

Club and district officers can use the Eligibility Checker to determine if members are in good standing---and belong to a club in good standing---and thus eligible to compete in a speech contest or be a proxy. Please note, club officers can only check the eligibility of members within their own club and cannot use this tool to determine the eligibility of other members. The same type of restriction applies to district leaders: Area directors can only check the eligibility of members within their area; division directors can only check the eligibility of members within their division; and district directors can only check the eligibility of members within their district.

How to Organize a Club Contest

Pages from 2016 How to Organize a Club Contest(And not lose your mind or your cool!)  

This newly revised contest resource will help you organize any contest. Please download and use to make your club contests a resounding success! Area directors and division directors will find 










International Speech and Evaluation Contest

The International Speech Contest is the most important of all Toastmasters Contests.  The speech is to be an original speech of 5-7 minutes.  It can be serious, funny, and inspirational. The International Speech Contest is held at the Club, Area, Division, District, and International level.  The International Speech Contest is the only one that goes all the way to the International competition level - and where the World Champion of Public Speaking is decided!

The Evaluation Contest is 2-3 minutes in length. A test speaker gives a speech which all the evaluation contest contestants listen to and then evaluate. The contestants are taken from the room and give 5 minutes to prepare their evaluations (using form #1177). They are called back to the room one by one according to the predetermined speaking order and deliver their evaluations. The Evaluation contest is held a t club, area , division and district level.

More information & resources about speech contests.

Download the International Speech Contest kit: 2018/2019

Download the Evaluation Contest kit: 2018/2019

Speech Contest tutorials

Speech Contest Script

Area Contests Promotional Items and Program

Download fillable flyer, Eventbrite banner, or Facebook banners and use to promote your Area Contests. Upload flyer to Google Drive, Dropbox or other storage sites, and share the link on in your Area Contest information. 

Use the banners and post on club / area / division Facebook Pages along with link or contests information. 

Area Contests a Area Contests bArea Fillable Flyer

Click in the section # and add your area. Click in content with < > and change for your contest. Delete if you you want empty. Open in Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader that allows for fillable forms.

pdfArea Contests Flyer A v2.pdf

pdfArea Contests Flyer B.pdf



eventbriteholder aweb eventbriteholder bwebEventbrite / Social Media Banners

jpgEventbrite Banner A.jpg

jpgEventbrite Banner B.jpg



Facebookevent aweb

Facebookevent bweb

Faceebook / Event Banners

jpgFacebook Banner A.jpg

jpgFacebook Banner B.jpg


Areaprogram template Fillable 2Area programv2 Page 3 web

pdfArea Program Templatev Fillable.pdf

docxArea Program Template word.docx


Division Contests Promotional Items and Program

Division Contest Flyer Athumb Division Contest Flyer V1thumb

Click in the section ? and add your division. Click in content with < > and change for your contest. Delete if you you want empty. Open in Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader that allows for fillable forms.

pdfDivision Flyer A.pdf

pdfDivision Flyer B.pdf

pdfDivision Contest A2.pdf (use for morning or afternoon contests can change - enjoy a ... )


Divisona eventbriteholderthumb Divison eventbriteholderthumb

jpgDivision Eventbriteholder A.jpg

jpgDivision Eventbriteholder B.jpg



Division Contest Facebook Flyer V2Thumb

Division Contest Facebook Flyerthumb jpgDivision Contest Facebook A.jpg

jpgDivision Contest Facebook B.jpg


Divisionprogramv3 Page 1 webArea programv2 Page 3 web



docxDivision Program.docx


docx2018_Eval_IS_contest script.docx






 Tall Tales Contest

Tall Tales Speeches are 3 to 5 minutes in length. They are full of exaggerated truths and unbelievable stories.

According to Westside Toastmasters who have this great article about Tall Tales, a Tall Tale should Include the following features:  a  character with extraordinary abilities and a specific goal; a problem that is solved in a humorous way; a careful blend of exaggerated and credible details; and a  comical endingThis is an optional contest that is hosted by some Clubs and Areas - but not at the Division or District level.




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