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Mentorship is about serving and making a difference. We all remember those who made a difference in our lives. As leaders we must pay forward this difference to others by being mentors ourselves. This is how we lead, serve and change the world. One person at a time. Surround yourself with like minded people. Accelerate your learning.

Fall Conference 2015 Highlights

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Speech Contest

1st place Gary Ford
2nd place Sherrie Sweeney
3rd place Mo Carter

Table Topics
Speech Contest

1st place Richard Lewis
2nd place Lance Mercer
3rd place Joe Vanderkooi

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2014-2015 Of The Year Awards 
Fall 2015 Conference DTM Recognition Dinner
District 86 Fall 2015 Humorous & Table Topics Contest

Awards Presented

Toastmaster Of The Year  Leizyl Sobrinho, ACB ALS 
Club Of The Year                                     Port Credit Toastmasters Club
President Of The Year Amanda Russon, CC ALB - Brampton Club
Area Governor Of The Year Kristina Johnston, DTM
Division Governor Of The Year           Cathy Herschell, DTM
Club Coach Of The Year Shawn Salokannel, ACS ALS , Lincoln Road Toastmasters
Publicist Of The Year Lorna Miller, ACB ALB
Education Leadership Riverspeak Club
Membership Leadership Brampton Club
Spirt of 86 Awards Tuulla Redditt, DTM
  Robert Laurin, CC ALB
  Shelli Donofrio Ubriaco, DTM
Legacy Award District 86

Fall Conference Promo

Learn new ideas, strategies, and techniques to help your clubs, areas, and divisions succeed.
Connect face to face and network with like-minded Toastmasters from across Ontario
Be Inspired by Distinguished Toastmasters and District Award Winners who are recognized for achieving their goals 
Make New Friends by coming home for a TM Conference - a bi-annual gathering of new & old friends
Re-Energize your passion and regain your focus for your own Toastmasters journey

Fall Conference Chairs

2015 Fall Conference Co-Chairs Brahm Memone and Jocelyne Vezina

A successful conference enjoys the efforts of at least 50 eager, committed leaders.

This dynamic team will work with us - the conference co-chairs and the conference committee to put on the best Fall Conference ever. 

There are many areas to choose from.  Put your creativity, organization skills and teamwork to the test by signing up for an area of conference planning and management that you enjoy. Great opportunity to work with great mentors, and to become a mentor to somebody who is looking to learn from you.

It is all about Marvelous Mentoring! - Must be registered for the conference to enjoy the benefits of the leadership opportunities.  

2015 Fall Conference Co-Chairs
Brahm Memone DTM and Jocelyne Vezina DTM

 See the Leadership Opportunities and Join the Team 


Friday | November 13

Information & Help
located in the Attrium...
Registration: (2:00 pm - 6:45 pm )(9:00 pm - 9:30pm)
Credentials: (2:00 pm - 6:45 pm)(9:00 pm - 9:30pm)
Hospitality: (2:00 pm - 7:00 pm)
located in the Petun Foyer...
Authors Corner: (2:00 pm - 6:30 pm)
Opt Time Event / Location
    4:30pm Network Break - Coffee/Tea Served 

Workshops #1 - see speakers and rooms >> 

    5:45pm Comfort Break
      ** Wine reception (Attrium)
    6:00pm First Timers and all Distinguished Toastmasters Meet & Greet (Huron 3)

Comfort Break

      Line up for Banner Parade (Huron 1 & 2)
    7:00pm Opening Ceremonies (Huron 1 & 2)
      Parade of Banners (Huron 1 & 2)
    7:30pm DTM Recognition Dinner (Huron 1 & 2)
      DTM Medal presentations (Huron 1 & 2)
    9:00pm Dance - Reach for The Stars (Huron 1 & 2)

Saturday | November 14

Information & Help
located in the Attrium...
Registration: (7:00 am - 7:50 am )(1:00 pm - 2:00 pm)
Credentials: (7:00 am - 7:50 am)(1:00 pm - 3:45 pm)
Hospitality: (7:00 am - 4:00 pm - during ALL Comfort/Network breaks)
Early Bird Sign Up Spring Conference: (12:30 pm - 4:00 pm)
located in the Petun Foyer...
Authors Corner: (8:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Opt Time Event / Location
    7:00am Breakfast with Gary (Huron 1 & 2)
    8:00am District Keynote - Neil Dunsmore (Huron 1 & 2)

"The Memories, The Mentors, and The Morons"

    8:45am Comfort Break

Workshops #2 - see speakers and rooms >> 

    9:55am Network Break -  Coffee/Tea Served 

Workshops #3 - see speakers and rooms >> 

    11:10am Comfort Break 
    11:30am Communication & Leadership (C&L) Luncheon  (Huron 1 & 2)
    12:30pm M.M.A.D. award presentations (Member Making A Difference)
      C&L Recipient Julie Christiansen
    1:00pm Comfort Break

 District Humorous Speech Contest  (Huron 1 & 2 & 3 & 4)

    3:25pm Network break - Coffee/Tea Served  (Attrium / Silver creek Foyer)
    4:00pm District 86 Council Business Meeting (Silver Creek)

 **  Wine reception (Attrium)

    7:00pm Directors Banquet (Huron 1 & 2)
      Presentations - "Of the Year" Recipient Awards & District Directors' Keynote
    8:30pm Comfort Break 
    9:00pm Directors' Ball with DJ (formal affair) (Huron 1 & 2)

Sunday | November 15

Information & Help
located in the Attrium...
Registration: (7:00 am - 7:50 am )(registration during breaks)
Hospitality: (7:00 am - 11:45 am - during ALL Comfort/Network breaks)
Advance Sign Up Spring Conference: (7:00 am - 11:45 am)(2:00 pm - 2:45 pm)
located in the Petun Foyer...
Authors Corner: (8:00 am - 4:00 pm)
Opt Time Event / Location
    7:00am Breakfast - Breakfast Brag (Huron 1 & 2)
    8:00am Education Session - Carolyn Hoxie, DTM | Immediate Past District 86 Governor (Huron 1 & 2)

"The Magic of Mentoring LIVE!"

    8:35am Keynote - Gary Schmidt | Toastmasters International President 2009-2010 (Huron 1 & 2)

"Secrets of Successful Leaders"

    9:20am Network Break - Coffee/Tea Served 

 District Table Topics Contest (Huron 1 & 2 & 3 & 4)

    11:15am Comfort Break
    11:35am Champion Luncheon (Huron 1 & 2)
    12:45pm Recognition - Conference Chairs & Committee Members
    1:25pm Plenary Workshop - Rose A. Weinberg | DTM (Huron 1 & 2)

"Vibration of a Conversation"

     2:17pm Wrap - up

Awards and News

Congratulations to Members Making A Difference Award (MMAD) Recipients

Toastmasters Sandi Emdin and Saqib Cheema are the Fall Conference MMAD recipients. The Madd award goes to members who volunteers their Toastmasters communication and leadership skills to better their communities and lives around them in a significant and notable way outside of their Toastmasters regular duties. Read more about these three toastmasters on our blog at  Members Making A Difference Award M.M.A.D.

Congratulations to Julie Christiansen, Communication & Leadership Award Recipient

Communication Leadership Award D86

The Communication and Leadership Award is by the District to a non-Toastmaster in the community who is an outstanding communicator or leader - and who best exemplifies Toastmasters values. The recipient for the 2015 Fall Conference is Julie Christiansen, M.A.; R.P. - Author, Speaker, Coach

An internationally recognized speaker, psychotherapist, published author, adjunct professor of psychology. Julie Christiansen brings over 15 years’ experience in group and individual counseling, to your boardroom. Branded as “Oprah for the Office” and “The Anger Lady” by her clients, Julie educates and entertains audiences throughout Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. Julie has an energetic, humorous, and insightful style that is all her own.

The youngest of three children, Julie was born in Jamaica but immigrated with her family to Canada at the age of 6 to escape political unrest in her home country. Having grown up against the backdrop of familial aggression, poverty, and financial struggle, Julie is no stranger to hardship. Early in her life, she committed her future to finding and sharing real solutions to stress and anger.

After 15 years of working the front lines as a counselor, Julie successfully merged her previous career with her passion for helping people to create radical, positive, lasting change in their lives. Julie’s personal and corporate mission is to leverage people and organizations into open communication so they can live free of conflict, tension, anger, and fear.

Julie’s private sector background includes public relations, communication, and small business ownership/management. A guest expert in the media she has had numerous appearances on radio, television programs and print articles in Canada and the United States.


reachforthestarsReach for The Stars on Friday Night

The theme for the Friday Night Dance is Reach for the Stars. Dress as your favourite Movie Star, your favourite Character, or dress as your favourite Mentor.

It will be a night of fun, music, dancing and surprises. Sign up now for the full conference or option 1, and join us on Friday Night.

2015 Conference Entertainment Chair
Patricia James, ACB, ALB

District 86 Council Business Meeting



The District 86 Council Business Meeting is on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 4:00 pm.  Your vote is really important!

Learn who can vote, how to vote, or how to give your proxies to attending club members 


Keynote Speakers

GarySchmidtHow Toastmasters Makes Your Dreams Come True
Gary Schmidt | Toastmasters International President 2009-2010

International Keynote Speaker 

Keynote Presentation  | Sunday Morning 8:35 am

Discover how your dreams will become your reality when you are a Toastmaster! Learn how Toastmasters will build your confidence, which in turn will help you achieve your dreams, which in turn improves your life and serves the world.

Gary Schmidt, DTM Biography - Gary Schmidt is Director of Public and Government Affairs for Clackamas County, Oregon. He previously worked for Oregon’s U.S. Senators, Mark Hatfield and Gordon Smith. He has been a Toastmaster for 20 years and served as the International President of Toastmasters in 2009-2010.

Neil DunsmoreThe Memories The Mentors and The Morons
Neil Dunsmore | CC

District 86 Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speech | Saturday 8:00 am

We learn best by living! The best lessons in life are lived not listened to, not watched and not read, they are lived. The problem is as Soren Keirkegaard says “life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards!” Have you ever revisited what you learned and where you learned it? Neil Dunsmore CC recounts the lessons lived, the lessons learned and the laughs along the way, in his Keynote The Memories, The Mentors and The Morons!


Neil Dunsmore, CC Biography - Neil is one of those people who consistently reminds us that we want to live large in the moment. He is present in his life in a way that lets others put down their concerns and be happy with NOW. It’s why I suspect that both Youth and Business Leaders seek out Neil’s messages, storytelling and humour.

In addition to being a Business owner an entrepreneur and a sales professional, Neil was also a Correctional Officer and Hostage/Crisis Negotiator for 10 years in a Maximum Security Detention Centre. His Anti-bullying messages were so well received that he began to get request backs from School Boards, Churches, Youth Groups and Businesses to reinforce his message on making good personal choices and the impact of bad decisions.

To quote Neil, “I learned from Toastmasters that you take the stage as a speaker for a moment but your message should move the audience for a lifetime. After speaking someone at a presentation or at a meeting, then a year later they remember, not my name, but my message! ...That's cool!”

Neil is a very active Toastmaster, who won the 2015 District 86 Evaluation Contest, the 2011 District 86 Humorous Speech Contest, competed in the District 86 International Contest 3 times.

Education Presenters

Carolyn Hoxie DTM

The Magic of Mentoring LIVE!
Carolyn Hoxie, DTM | Immediate Past District 86 Governor

Workshop Presenter 

Education Session | Sunday 8:00 am

This first-time-ever interactive 30-minute facilitated session will directly address the complexity of mentorship relations and personal challenges posed by Conference attendees, providing a demonstration of Mentoring LIVE! What is mentoring? What is the role of the mentor and mentee? Common challenges will be selected from those submitted by attendees during the conference - don't miss this opportunity to see the first-ever Mentoring LIVE!

Carolyn Hoxie, DTM Biography 

Carolyn Hoxie, as immediate past district 86 governor, is well known as a mentor to district leaders. What you didn’t know about Carolyn is that she has extensive background in delivering mentor training. Carolyn was a founding developer and trainer in implementing Niagara region first women’s mentoring program after successfully creating the Crossroads mentorship program for newcomers and entrepreneurial women. She has been a guest panelist in regional mentoring forums for both her business experience and in mentoring youth interested in non-traditional careers. Interestingly, Carolyn’s first experience with mentoring was as a Y employee, which is where our program got its start.

Rose A Weinberg

Vibration of a Conversation
Rose A. Weinberg | DTM

Workshop Presenter 

Plenary Workshop | Sunday 1:25 pm

Rose A. Weinberg, DTM Biography 

Rose A. Weinberg transformed her past of panic disorder and fear, into a spiritual journey of wellbeing and helping others with their own transformations. Over the past 16 years Rose created a unique approach for sustainable wellness and ensures her clients are educated with the tools and insights to feelgood well beyond their treatments.

In 2011 Rose founded and created Project BeamON, a worldwide not-for-profit-organization committed to donating Reiki-blankets to people with cancer in an effort to provide comfort, warmth and peace during their healing process. Rose A. Weinberg, DTM is a Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master and Educator, Nutritionist, Author, Speaker, Educational Director, and a Fulfilled Wife and Mom!

Rose’s Toastmaster Achievements include; Chartered Member of Hilltop Toastmasters, Past Area 24 Governor 2014/2105, 2x Triple Crown 2014 and 2015, Founder and President of Feel Good Toastmasters, and July 2015 achieving DTM. Rose’s feelgood message is to live one day at a time, with purpose and peace of mind!

Workshop Presenters

Workshops Session #1: Friday Nov 13, 5:00 pm

Julia Katsivo

How To Turn Nervous Energy Into Star Power

Julia Katsivo, CC, CL
Tired of freezing up on stage, listening to your voice wobble, and forgetting your hard practiced speech when you stand on stage? Learn how to turn that paralyzing fear into star power every time you stand on stage.
Carolyn Wilker

ASK for Direction: Mentoring

Carolyn R. Wilker, ACG, ALB

As Michelangelo learned sculpting from a guild master, similarly the new Toastmaster builds on leadership and speaking skills through the mentoring program. The new member asks questions and progresses through dedicated practice.

Thriving Within a Corporate Club (The Corporate Buy-In)

Claude Bilodeau, CC, CL

Overcome some of the challenges that new and existing clubs have in growing their clubs and gaining acceptance from their employers. *The corporate buy-in *The win-win *The trained employee *Aligning values *The new leader

Harihan Iyer

Goal Setting and Achieving Process

Hariharan Iyer, ACB

Have you ever failed in achieving your set goal? Is it that you failed because your goal was too big? If you answered YES to any of the above, then you have to be in this workshop and find out why you are failing in achieving your Goal so that you don't do what you are doing now.

Workshops Session #2: Saturday Nov 14, 9:00 am

Harry Ansara

Connect To Communicate

Harry Ansara, DTM

When you speak to an audience, are you "connecting" or merely communicating? Learn how to project confidence and radiate warmth; discover the importance of an "audience analysis" and see how this approach can enhance your speeches and bring you success.

Cody and Connor Novak

The Big 5 (Goal Setting)

Cody Novak - ACB ALB Connor Novak - CC ALB

Have you ever fallen short on an important goal? In this 40 minute workshop you will be setting your own purposeful goals. You will learn how to convert your dreams into goals and goals into actual achievements. If personal development is important to you, this workshop is a must see!

Hulda Mullings, ACB, CL Tracey Harding, CC, CL

Marvelous Mentoring

Hulda Mullings, ACB, CL Tracey Harding, CC, CL

Have you thought about mentoring someone, but weren't sure how to go about it? This workshop is for you! You will learn the "how to’s” to mentoring which will increase member engagement and club growth. Added bonus - the mentee will become more confident in their role.

Sandra Sharpe

Inspiration - it's in you to give!

Sandra Sharpe, ACB, CL

We are entering a new age of leadership. We look to today's leaders to inspire and motivate us to achieve our full potential. In this workshop we will explore and examine various leadership qualities, develop a better understanding of our leadership traits and learn how to be inspirational leaders.

Workshops Session #3: Saturday Nov 14, 10:15 am

Brian Brennan, DTM Carolyn Smith, CC

Speech Competition Lessons from a Veteran and Novice Perspective

Brian Brennan, DTM
Carolyn Smith, CC

In this session you will meet Brian a veteran Toastmaster and DTM and Carolyn a new CC. Together they will illustrate how mentorship and active participation in competitions can accelerate your Toastmaster learning curve, increase your confidence and make you a better leader and speaker.

By competing against each other in both of the last two District 86 competition cycles Brian and Carolyn pushed each other to improve their skills and to do their best. Brian leads by example and sets the bar high at the Towns of York Club 1609. Carolyn dared to reach for the bar and has reaped the rewards of participation.

Rebecca Castelino, ACB, ALB  Michael Greenlee, ACB

Tough Topics: Preparing Yourself for Difficult Conversations

Rebecca Castelino, ACB, ALB
Michael Greenlee, ACB

Performance reviews at work? Budget troubles at home? Life is full of difficult, high-stakes conversations, and leaders learn to face them head on and navigate them successfully. In this workshop, gain concrete tools you can use at work or home to keep things constructive when talking about tough topics.

Brian Patton

Marvelous Mentoring

Brian Patton, DTM

Participants will gain an understanding of why mentoring matters - they will understand the benefits of mentoring for the mentee, the mentor, and the club. Real life examples and a participatory format will engage the participants to understand best practices in mentoring from around the district. They will leave the workshop excited about mentoring and eager to apply what they have learned to create a strong mentoring program that will have lasting benefits in their club.

Julie Whitely

The New Club Creation

Julie Whitely, ACG, ALS

Club Creation can be a very long and tedious time ranging from just days or weeks to months but one thing is sure, the reward and legacy will last years. Members wanting to mentor or sponsor a new club will appreciate the preliminaries, paperwork, preparation and promotion to successfully bring a new club to full delivery.


Friday Night

Theme: Celebrating our Cultural Diversity

Friday Night Theme

Different dancers coming in that are Bollywood, Brazilian, Caribbean, and more, along will be a very special DJ. Dress in your cultural attire.

Saturday Night

Theme: Dancing With the Divisions

Saturday Night Theme

Each division will have a dance team dressed in their team colours. This will be judged and the winning division will have bragging rights as the best dancers in District 86.

Hotel Accomodations

General Information

Hotel: Blue Mountain Resort 
Address: 108 Jozo Weider Blvd., Blue Mountains, Ontario Canada L9Y 3Z2

Special Toastmaster Conference Rates
Reservations: 705-445-0231, Ext. 6216 or 1-877-445-0231

We have negotiated a special discounts for rooms. When you call, mention that you are a Toastmaster.

The room rates we have negotiated are:

  • INN - $99 + taxes / night
  • Mosaic – $186 + taxes / night
  • Village – $169 + taxes / night

Reservation Information

A credit card number is required to make a reservation. There is no deposit required at the time of booking. If you are unable to keep your reservation, 24 hours cancellation is required or you will be charged the full amount.

Book Now! 

The District is able to offer you this exceptional event due to our partnership with the hotel. Booking your stay helps us fulfill our contract with this beautiful facility. 

  • All reservations must be guaranteed by a credit card number with a first night deposit processed on 30 days of arrival. The check-in time at the resort is 4:00 pm and checkout is 11:00 am.
  • individuals will be required to pay their full bill
  • delegates have 10 days prior to their arrival to cancel or change the departure date (i.e. early departure) of their reservation with a $25 administration charge. Delegates who cancel or change their registration within 10 days of arrival will be given the opportunity to rebook their reservation for another date up to 12 months from the cancellation date. The deposit will be kept on file up to 12 months. If the delegate has not rebooked and stayed within this time frame, the deposit on file will be forfeited.

Thank You To Our Sponsors



Thank you to the District 86 Fall Conference sponsors for their support. See sponsorship descriptions and oppurtinites for the conference below.

Become A Sponsor

Bronze - $100

  • Program listing
  • Recognition Flyer at Breakfast Table
  • 1 copy of Program
  • Thank you letter

Silver $250

  • 1/8 page ad in Program
  • Promo flyer for Conference delegate
  • 1 copy of Program
  • Thank you letter

Gold - $500

  • 1/4 page ad in Program
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  • 1 copy of Program
  • Thank you letter

Workshop Sponsor - $750

12 available
  • Program listing as Workshop Sponsor
  • Recognition during Workshop
  • Banner placement in Workshop
  • Promo flyer for Conference delegate
  • 1 copy of Program
  • Thank you Certificate

Breakfast Sponsor - $1,000

2 available
  • Program listing as Breakfast Sponsor
  • 1/2 page ad in Program
  • Recognition during meal (Mention + On Screen)
  • Banner placement near podium during meal
  • Photos of your banner placement during meal
  • Promo flyer for Conference delegate
  • Your logo on Sponsor Recognition signage
  • Photos of your banner placement during meal
  • 2 Copies of Program
  • Framed Thank you Certificate Silver - $250
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  • Thank you letter 

Lunch Sponsor - $1,500

2 available
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  • Photos of your banner placement during meal
  • Promo flyer for Conference delegate
  • Your logo on Sponsor Recognition signage
  • Photos of your banner placement during meal
  • 2 Copies of Program
  • Framed Thank you Certificate Gold - $500
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Dinner Sponsor - $2,500

2 available
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  • Photos of your banner placement during meal
  • Promo flyer for Conference delegate
  • Your logo on Sponsor Recognition signage
  • Photos of your banner placement during meal
  • 2 Copies of Program
  • Framed Thank you Certificate
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