Spring Conference Promo

Learn new ideas, strategies, and techniques to help your clubs, areas, and divisions succeed.
Connect face to face and network with like-minded Toastmasters from across Ontario
Be Inspired by Distinguished Toastmasters and District Award Winners who are recognized for achieving their goals 
Make New Friends by coming home for a TM Conference - a bi-annual gathering of new & old friends
Re-Energize your passion and regain your focus for your own Toastmasters journey

Spring Conference Chairs

Al Louisa Steele2

Al Steele, DTM and Louisa Steele, DTM

We are so excited about the upcoming Pathways to Excellence Spring Conference and hope the video inspires you to volunteer to add YOUR vision of the theme by joining our conference committee and adding to your leadership portfolio. Just contact us to volunteer, or, submit your workshop proposal so you can share YOUR Path with others. We invite you all, to join us and explore, whether you walk, run, bicycle, paddle, dance, climb or glide your Pathways to Excellence!


Friday | April 27

Information & Help
located in the Main Hall
Registration: (3:00 pm - 6:45 pm | 9:00 pm - 9:30pm)
Credentials: (3:00 pm - 6:45 pm | 9:00 pm - 9:30pm) 
Candidates Row: (3:00 pm - 6:30 pm) (Hazel McCallion Hall)
Pathways: (3:00 pm - 6:30 pm)
Hospitality: (3:00 pm - 7:00 pm | including ALL Comfort/Network breaks) 
Authors Corner: (3:00 pm - 7;00 pm) 
Silent Auction: (4:00 pm - 9:30 pm) Graydon Hall
Opt Time Event / Location
    3:30pm Network Break (Main Hall)

Workshops Series #1 (Hazel McCallionA/B/C/D)

    5:45pm Comfort Break ** Wine reception (Main Hall)
      Contestants Briefing (5:45-6:30pm) Graydon & Judges Briefing for both contests (5:45-6:30pm)Hazel McCallion
    6:00pm First Timers and all Distinguished Toastmasters Meet & Greet (Britannia)

Comfort Break (Main Hall)

    6:40pm Line up for Banner Parade and Photos (Main Hall)
    7:00pm Opening Ceremonies (Garydon Hall)
      Parade of Banners (Main Hall)
    7:30pm DTM Recognition Dinner - Everyone Invited!  (Graydon Hall)
DTM Medal presentations (Graydon Hall)
Comfort Break (Main Hall)
    9:30pm Evaluation Contest (Graydon Hall)

Saturday | April 28

Information & Help
located in the Main Hall
Registration: (7:00 am - 7:00 pm)
Credentials: (7:00 am - 8:45 am | 1:00 pm - 2:45 pm)
Candidates Row: (8:00 am - 2:45 pm) 
Pathways: (8:00 am - 4:00 pm)
Hospitality: (7:00 am - 7:00 pm | During ALL Comfort/Network breaks)
Authors Corner: (8:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Silent Auction: (7:15 am - 2:30 pm | 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm) (Graydon Hall)
Opt Time Event / Location
      International Contestants Briefing (2:15-3:00pm) Graydon 
    7:00am - 8:00am Breakfast Buffet
    8:00am-8:45am Networking and Early Bird VIP photo

Workshops #2 (Hazel McCallionA/B/C/D)

    9:30am Comfort Break

Workshops #3 (Hazel McCallionA/B/C/D)

    10:30am Network Break- Coffee/Tea Served 
    10:50am Communication & Leadership (C&L) Luncheon with MMAD Awards(Graydon Hall)
    11:30am Seizing Opportunities Keynote - Jim Kockoci DTM,PIP (Graydon Hall)
    1:30pm Workshop | Developing Your Leadership Skills in Toastmasters  - Jim Kockoci DTM,PIP (Graydon Hall)
    2:15pm Silent Auction pickup of table 1 (Graydon Hall)
    2:15pm Comfort Break 
    2:45pm Credentials Desk Closes (Main Hall)
    3:00pm  District 86 Council Business Meeting (Hazel McCallion A/B/C/D)
    6:00pm Comfort Break /Wine Reception (Main Hall)
    7:00pm Director's Banquet & Ball (formal affair) | Installation of Officers (Graydon Hall)
    9:00pm Dance with DJ (formal affair) (Graydon Hall)

Sunday | April 29

Information & Help
located in the Main Hall
Registration: (7:00 am - 8:45 am )
Hospitality: (7:00 am - 11:45 am) | Pathways (8:00 am - 2:45 pm)
Silent Auction (7:00 am - 12:35 pm) Graydon Hall (12:35 pm) Pick-up
Authors Corner (8:00 am - 2:45 pm) (Main Hall)
Opt Time Event / Location
    7:00am - 8:45am

Breakfast Buffet (Graydon Hall)

    7:45am - 8:30am

District Keynote - Alexandre Matte DTM (Graydon Hall)

    8:30am Network Break - Coffee/Tea Served 

International Speech Contest (Graydon Hall)

    11:20am Comfort Break
    11:30am Champions Luncheon & Awards (Graydon Hall)

Keynote - Jim Kockoci  DTM,PIP  Pathways to Excellence (Graydon Hall) | 2:15pm Adjourn


Awards and News

Wali Shah wins 2018 Toastmasters District 86 Communication and Leadership Award

Wali Shah2

Wali Shah, renowned spoken word poet and public speaker from Mississauga, Ontario will be honoured by District 86 Toastmasters for his achievements in the field of communication and leadership. The Communication and Leadership Award is awarded by the District to a non-Toastmaster in the community who is an outstanding communicator or leader - and who best exemplifies Toastmasters values.

Toastmasters District 86 recognizes Shah’s numerous contributions in improving the lives of people in poetry and social change in Ontario and across Canada. He has delivered many poetry workshops to schools across North America and has performed at poetry events for many corporations including Microsoft Canada and the Canadian Football League.

Wali Shah is a South Asian spoken word poet and public speaker and an alumni of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20. His experiences range from being a TEDx speaker to performing poetry for 15,000 Microsoft Partners at the Air Canada Centre. Wali focuses on youth engagement and has conducted poetry workshops and keynote assemblies at hundreds of schools across Canada. His work has been featured in media outlets such The Toronto Star and MTV.

He is currently studying at the University of Toronto Mississauga and advocates for social change through his work.

Please visit www.lifeaswali.com to know more about Wali and his amazing profile.

District 86 2018 Members Making A Difference Award (MMAD)

This award is awarded to a District 86 Toastmaster member who volunteer their Toastmasters communication and leadership skills to better the lives of those in their community in a significant and notable way. Here are this year's recipients:

ShishirLakhaniDTMShishir Lakhani DTM

Shishir Lakhani, a Distinguished Toastmaster and a serious heart patient, volunteers as a member of the Board of Directors at the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Lakhani uses his Toastmaster skills to raise awareness, improve education and wellness as well as fund-raise for a cause that is dear to his heart. He received the Heart and Soul Award, in 2009 and the Heart of Gold Award in 2014. He is also a recipient of government awards for this contributions in his community, including the Ontario Volunteer Services Award in 2013 and the Canada Governor General Sovereign Award in 2018. He is a long standing member of Destiny Toastmasters Club, Markham.

LenaShawDTMLena Shaw DTM

Lena Shaw, a Distinguished Toastmaster, member of Brampton Toastmasters and Raising Champions Advanced Toastmasters in Brampton, is recognized for her contributions in helping youths develop their communication and leadership skills over the past 6 years in the Youth Leadership Program. Shaw spent 13 years in the non profit organization Knights Table helping the less fortunate within the Brampton Community. Shaw uses her Toastmasters skills to meet, great and recruit volunteers, she manages over 200 volunteers a month.  Shaw helps clients with their resumes, cover letters and help them to find a home. She uses her event planning skills to outreach and help raise awareness and funds to further support the homeless in Peel Region.

HuldaMullingsDTMHulda Mullings DTM

Hulda Mullings, a Distinguished Toastmasters, a Business Executive and a  Registered Chaplain of Canada, has been using her Toastmasters skills helping Inmates and Residents in the Ontario Correctional Institute improve their communication skills. In 2017, Mullings was presented the Community Award for volunteering 17 years at the OCI Toastmasters (Ontario Correctional Institute) in Brampton. Her volunteer work also includes providing Free Income Tax services in Mississauga and Brampton for 7 years under the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program and the delivery of Health related presentations with the Heart and Stroke Foundation for 6 years. She is a member of Hershaw Toastmasters and Raising Champions Advanced Toastmasters in Brampton, Ontario.

CandiceKirkbrideCandice Kirkbride

Candice Kirkbride a member of Greater Sudbury Speakers Toastmasters Club since 2006 was a victim of an impaired driving accident in March 2001 that left her with a catastrophic brain injury. She currently shares her experience to teenagers across North Ontario and the importance of forgiveness. Kirkbride actively delivers presentations and delivered speeches on the risk of drunk driving and surviving from brain injury and stroke at many organizations across Ontario including the Ontario Provincial Police, The Red Ribbon Campaign, The PARTY program (Prevent Alcohol Risk Related Trauma in Youth and the Timmins Brain Injury and Stroke Clinic survivors. She is the recipient of the Rolly Rousseau Award at ACTION Sudbury and authored a book entitled "Changed by the Rain, Life after a Brain Injury".

Keynote Speakers

Jim KokockiSpring Conference 2018 - Keynote Speaker
Jim Kokocki

Jim Kokocki, DTM, is an entrepreneur and business consultant residing in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. As a volunteer he serves as President and Board Chair of L’Arche Saint John, which is part of a worldwide organization which creates homes, work, and day programs together with people who have intellectual disabilities.

Jim has served with other volunteer organizations including as co-chair for the Saint John Board of Trade’s Business Education Committee. He has delivered presentations for groups on leadership, protecting self-esteem, managing conflict, business modelling, and public relations and marketing approaches.

A Toastmaster since 1987, Jim's home club is Saint John Toastmasters in Saint John. He served as International President for the year 2015-2016. He continues in Toastmasters for many reasons including his enjoyment of continued learning and development, the opportunity to see others develop, and his strong belief that communication and leadership skills require learning, but more importantly practice, and more practice.

Kokocki previously worked for 30 years at telecommunications provider Bell Aliant and its related companies. He has earned Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of New Brunswick, Saint John. In his spare time Jim enjoys reading, travelling, cycling and skiing.

Alexandre MatteDistrict86 Keynote Speaker Alexandre Matte, DTM
Reaching Excellence – three steps at a time

What can you do to reach excellence?
We are bombarded by ways to improve ourselves and the world around us. Self-help books, inspirational quotes on social media, and Toastmasters Conferences. Alexandre Matte, DTM, has his own collection of tips, trick and hints for progress.
It can sometimes be overwhelming. Let’s keep it simple.
Drawing from more than 10 years of Toastmasters training (and over 15 years of experience in the kitchen!) Alexandre is ready to share three lessons with you, through entertaining stories and a participative keynote. Are you ready to take your next three steps on your path to excellence?


Having received much appreciated positive feedback since joining Voix du Nord Toastmasters in 2007, Alexandre Matte, DTM, gives back to the organisation and to its members by offering participative training sessions to various clubs and areas. Two-time District 86 champion at the International Speech Contest (2009, 2012), Alexandre also offers coaching to speakers, particularly for speech contests, but also to politicians and other professionals. He is also in demand for emceeing events and training to local organisations. Occasional actor on stage and television, and Director of Finance of the oldest cultural centre in French Ontario, Alexandre is the proud father of two highly intelligent girls, Magali and Katia.

Workshop Presenters

Carolyn Hoxie

Spring Conference 2018 - Education Committee Chair
Pathways to Excellence at the 2018 Spring Conference

Take a look at the exciting, creative and inspiring workshops. Sharing their experiences, ideas, strategies and techniques in Leadership, Speaking Skills, Professional Development and Club Excellence.

Carolyn Hoxie, PDG, DTM

Jonathan Siegel

Speaking Skills
Jonathan Siegel DTM – Find the Funny!

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to uncover humour in any of your speeches? In this workshop you will learn the ten basic principles and four `attitudes’ for building your bit of comedy. Come to laugh and learn! You will pinpoint your premise and discover how to mine the underlying magic for finding the funny.
Friday, April 27/18

Mallika Sothinathan

Professional Development
Mallika Sothinathan DTM – Communicating Through Video

Video is a powerful medium of communication. It is the most effective way to communicate in today’s very visual world. Technology has made this easy and simple. A cell phone, a tripod and a lapel microphone can do wonders for a video presentation. This is also an effective tool to evaluate one’s own speech. With the International Speech Contest requiring video submissions at the Regional level, now is a great time to learn how to video tape your presentations like a pro.
Friday, April 27/18

Dennis Bartel2

Club Excellence
Dennis Bartel DTM – Meaningful Meetings

Been to a meeting where the Chairperson stumbled through; where there was no order, respect for rules, time, or members? This interactive workshop will give you tools to make meetings meaningful through knowing and using Parliamentary Procedures and dispelling the myth that rules mean less fun, less productivity and less confusion.
Unfortunately, clubs tend to shy away from following and using Parliamentary Procedure. This can cause ineffective meetings, misuse of power by the President or Chairperson and lack of respect to the member. Dennis will explore the responsibilities of the Chairperson/Presiding Officer and of the member. The members have an obligation to help and direct the Chairperson throughout the meeting. This workshop is about how to do this with respect, order and fun.
Friday, April 27/18

Shawn Salkokannel

Leadership Workshops
Shawn Salokannel DTM – Eating the Elephant

Can you eat an Elephant? Have you wanted to take on a leadership challenge that seems too big to sink your teeth into? Don’t let that stop you. Shawn recently took on the challenge of Conference Chair, a role that petrified him but through which he grew in ways he had not anticipated. Shawn is here to share his personal leadership journey with the conference (and work) and to inspire you to overcome your own fear and face your own elephant!
Friday, April 27/18

Gina Kennedy

Speaking Skills
Gina Kennedy DTM – Lost in Translation

“Communication gone wrong – what was the message?”
The world is wired for miscommunication and it’s especially problematic when we cross cultures or use shorthand social media and e-mail to communicate. But this is not a new problem. Every time we meet someone and every time we talk or write, we must ensure we communicate positive intent to build trust and understanding. Through sharing anecdotes from the trenches, the group will discuss communication challenges and how to overcome them. Participants will get into the shoes and the mindset of the person opposite them.
Saturday, April 28/18

Zlata and Mike Proudlock4

Professional Development
Zlata CC and Mike Proudlock DTM – From Speaker to Author

Want your message to reach thousands? – write a book. Self-Publishing your work can be very intimidating, but the rewards in the end are worth it. Give yourself he best chance at succeeding by attending this workshop. Here you will not only learn 'one way' to self-publish a book but, also, how to set attainable goals, the process of working with an online publisher, marketing your book, use of social media and more... By publishing your own book, you can empower hundreds, even thousands of readers with your inspirational message; achieve your goal of becoming an author; and publish on your own terms and on your own schedule. Who said you can't have it all?
Saturday, April 28/18

Carol Todd Skuce

Club Excellence
Carol Todd-Skuce DTM – Excellence is a Choice

Do you look forward to Toastmasters every week? Do you feel pumped after a meeting? A Toastmasters meeting should have friendship, laughter, ideas, helpful suggestions and a sense and purpose. Let’s share ideas to improve our clubs, our collective experiences and, with fresh eyes, explore what works.
Saturday, April 28/18

John Wang

Leadership Workshops
John Wang DTM – Mentor So You Both Win

So, you are now a mentor. So what do you do next? Mentoring can provide a lifetime of rewarding experiences. Through a series of anecdotal stories, John will share both his successes and failures as a mentor. The stories will provide lessons on both what to do as well as, what not to do as a mentor. This interactive workshop will provide you with tips and secrets to build a relationship that is fruitful to your mentee and satisfying to you.
Saturday, April 28/18

John Macdonald

Speaking Skills
John MacDonald DTM, PDG – Authenticity

Authentic communicators are in high demand today. Their ability to project open-mindedness, understanding and confidence helps them create worthwhile ideas by being true to their principles and involving others. They are powerful listeners. Authentic communicators understand themselves and know that you have to be believed to be heard. Discover the joy in uncovering your own authentic voice and the difference it will make in both your Toastmasters and professional path. Speaking authentically is a trait of excellence.
Saturday, April 28/18

Penny Tremblay2

Professional Development
Penny Tremblay ACG, CL – Give and Be Rich in Workplace Relationships - Tapping the Human Side of Business

Workplace and business culture rooted in human connection is more challenged than ever in this digital era. With millennials tipping the workplace population scale, relationship strategies to build productive, peaceful and profitable teams that are engaged with their corporate purpose are critical.
Penny’s message is backed by her best-selling book, Give and Be Rich, which invites us to look deeper into our own authentic inventory, and find more within to give. Suitable for all who work with people, this inspiring workshop helps the audience reach new potential, realizing that relationships are the most valuable asset for business. When we leverage the power of connection and relationships, we earn loyalty from our members, clients and work teams.
Saturday, April 28/18

Diane Gordon

Club Excellence
Diane Gordon DTM – The Pathway to Excellence

This workshop will motivate and empower you in your life’s path to be your personal and professional best in all your opportunities inside and outside of Toastmasters. Through role-play, “incorrect way - better way - best way”, experience the difference as we all learn by doing. Be inspired to take your Club meetings, using professional practices, from ordinary to extraordinary in the pursuit of club, personal and professional excellence. Through the interactive workshop Diane will use practical examples and breakout sessions to reinforce a path to excellence in club meetings, careers and personal development. In the words of Diane, “Excellence is not an option; it is a way of life – a path. Elevate with Excellence.”
Saturday, April 28/18

Bob Moore2

Leadership Workshops
Bob Moore DTM – Getting to Yes

Bob Moore credits his success in Leadership to understanding the role of influence. His early International business experience taught him the value of influence in developing cohesive teams. Today he will share the critical lessons learned in leadership that serve him today as Country Manager with Axis Communications.
The workshop will feature highlights of wisdom gained from an international business career. Complete with discoveries and lessons as Bob developed his teams goals and strategies, he will interject how these same approaches can work for you.
Saturday, April 28/18

Hotel Accomodations

General Information

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6750 Mississauga Road
Mississauga ON. L5N 2L3
Map and Directions
Website: Hilton Meadowvale Mississauga

Reservation Information

Special Toastmaster Conference Rates for 2018 Spring Conference

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