OTM Oakville TM Virtual Open House & 2019-20 Year End Celebration


Own the Moment (OTM) Oakville Toastmasters held a very successful multi-purpose meeting event on June 18th. It was a unique, global virtual meeting, delivered through the ZOOM platform. It was billed as a Virtual Open House & 2019-2020 Year End Celebration. Truly, it was a night to remember down the road. The Meeting theme was: A Celebration of Club & Members Excellence.

The planning started more than a couple of weeks ago, under the watchful direction of President Josephine Mballa. Most Club Members were on deck, either during the planning, implementation and execution of our extravaganza event. This very much contributed to enhance the friendship and team spirit that permeate throughout our members, who are coming from diverse background and professional affiliation.


The Meeting Agenda had all the aspects of a regular meeting, namely one Prepared Speech (TM Sasha-Li Chinloy), Table Topics, and Evaluation for the speech, by Dr Farzana Chohan, DTM, Region 5 Advisor (from Missouri). Dr Natalia Lishchyna, Ward 6 Town of Oakville Councillor presented OTM with a congratulatory letter on behalf of Town of Oakville Council. TM Florina Hogiu made sure that all participants were able to think on their feet. Games Chair TM Elvis Gregov had all participants fully engaged in an online version of Jeopoardy.


The June 18th Special Event met multiple objectives:

  • Open House Showcasing Typical Meeting to Potential Members
  • Recognition of New Members (including TB Joining During Pandemic)
  • Recognition of Members Educational Successes
  • Recognition of Past Club Executives
  • Celebration of OTM President’s Distinguished Club Award
  • Celebration of OTM Gold Online Ovation Education Award
  • Transition Phase and Handover to Incoming Club Executives


  • Sasha-Li Chinloy, Area D83 Director
  • Katia Miropolskaia, Area E03 Director
  • Sasha-Li Chinloy, Organiser of Happy Oakville Interclub Summit for Toastmasters
  • George How, Chief Judge at District 60 Area G63, Judge at District 60 Online Division G
  • George How, District 86 Public Relations Team, Social Media Chair


The Incoming Club Executives have their work cut out for them. OTM Oakville Toastmasters have achieved President’s Distinguished Club status three years in a row, since chartering on April 11, 2017. They need to have a strategic plan that maps out the drive towards continued club excellence, service to the Club and its Members so that OTM continues to inspire and motivate Toastmasters in the community. For further information on OTM, visit www.oakvilletoastmasters.com


OTM Oakville Toastmasters Virtual Global Open House & 2019-2020 Year End Celebration was a highly successful event. Kudos to Organising Committee, led by President Josephine Mballa. OTM exceeded what we aimed for in terms of Key Success Factors (KSF). The Blue Ribbon Guest List included Dr Natalia Lishchyna, Town of Oakville Ward 6 Councillor, and Tom Adams, PEng, Councillor for Town of Oakville Ward 6, and Councillor for Halton Region. It is worth noting that Dr Lishchyna was at the Club Inaugural Launch Meeting on February 9, 2017, and at our Club Charter Party on June 22, 2017.

District Leaders attending included amongst others (a) Angela Ho, DTM, District 60 Division G Director; remaining all from District 86, (b) Som Bhattacharjee, Former PRM (c) Albert Chang, DTM, Former Area Director (d) Renata Noronha, Former Area Director (e) Sasha-Li Chinloy, Area D83 Director (f) Katia Miroploskaia Area E03 Director (g) George How Pak Hing, DTM, Former Area Director.

We are grateful for the continued support of TM Lily Wang (MCEBT), TM Olga Lagounova (Horizon), TM Lin Tian, Former OTM Member, Sharon Kaur, Former Charter Member, Guests Philip & Carol Wong, and Guest Dr Anil Dev Chiniah (Mauritius).

We acknowledge the tremendous support of our fellow Toastmasters from the many Clubs (Great Minds Advanced, Horizon, Miracle Chinese English Bilingual, Port Credit), and non-Toastmasters that came in to our Special Event.

George How Pak Hing, PEng, DTM
OTM Oakville Toastmasters Founder
Submitted June 21, 2020


Toastmasters International Values:  Integrity • Respect • Service • Excellence
Our Principles:   Lead By Example • Work / Play as a Team

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